Good morning, Mr. Farah,

I just read about your plan to place billboards in Las Vegas and around the country proclaiming the Ten Commandments. Awesome idea!

I do have one major concern, which I hope you will seriously consider before the Lord.

The correct reading of Exodus 20:13 is “You shall not MURDER.” This must be faithfully stated, as quoting this commandment to say you shall not kill is both textually incorrect and worse still, utterly inconsistent with God’s many commandments to Israel to kill their enemies as well as sorcerers, false prophets, etc. Not to mention that Jesus Himself will destroy His enemies upon His return.

Please do not give those who hate and despise the Word of God any more ammunition in their efforts to discredit and blaspheme Him!

Sir, this must be corrected if you are to stay true to the spirit, intent and text of the Bible.

Your brother in the Lord,

Michael Heyman

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