Hooray for Hollywood!

Last week’s Academy Awards ceremony was a veritable explosion of star-studded, red-carpet fodder for this week’s column. So in keeping with tradition, the Academy of Surfin’ Safari is proud to present the gold-flecked GS, or “Golden Surfboard” to the most sparkling glitterati. The envelope please …

According to Twitter, there were 6.8 million tweets during the Academy Awards event, and another 2.1 million tweets during the red carpet pre-show. Nominees for the gold GS for “TPM or Top Tweets Per Minute” are:

Adele for her performance of “Skyfall”: 82,300 TPM
Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress in a Leading Role: 71,600 TPM
Adele for Best Original Song: 64,000 TPM
Anne Hathaway for Best Actress in a Supporting Role: 60,400 TPM

And the winner for the most tweeted moment… (Cue the controversial First Lady Michelle Obama who was portrayed on a giant screen opening the envelope from the White House) … Best Picture for “Argo” with 85,300 TPM!

In our newest category, “Best Snark Reporting” of the night, we have a tie. The glittering GS goes to Kevin DuJan for Hillbuzz.org, and Nikki Finke for Deadline Hollywood. In a sub-category, the award for “Best Oscar Comment” goes to an unidentified contributor who wrote: “Next year’s nominee for best actress for portraying a first lady, Michelle Obama.”

Rush Limbaugh remarked on the irritation viewers felt about Mrs. Obama’s use of military personnel as staging for her appearance: “If you look at that, if you saw it, that screen on that stage, Moochelle and the military people, gosh, they weren’t even referenced, those military people. I don’t know what that was. Was it a cocktail party? I think they were props.”

Twitchy also noted the associated cavalcade of hits criticizing the use of military, including radio host Laura Ingraham’s tweet, “Should our troops be used as Michelle’s Oscar props?”

Search engine Google also tracked Hollywood’s search spikes. The top ones:
Star Trek character Captain Kirk’s appearance spiked 1,500 searches a minute. Michelle Obama peaked at 4,500 searches a minute. “Has there ever been a tie at the Oscars”: 5,000 a minute.

Related: A lengthy report of nearly 250 campaign bundlers who each raised at least $500,000 for the president includes actors Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, Eva Longoria, Wendell Pierce and Academy Awards film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Twitter calls it a “Magic Mirror”, the device that took photo-booth-style pictures of stars in the green room, which they then tweeted out instantly on the official Academy Awards Twitter Account. Behind the scenes “star” tweets emanated from this site.

Alas fandenizens! Though the Oscars are over for this year, you can still connect with your favorite actors by following @TwitterMovies. And that’s Hollywood!

Beat it!

In politics, the cybersphere was abuzz in the political realm too, with talk of a popular anti-Islamic anti-Jihad blogger who’s been ostracized from speaking at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC.

The suspected reason? A certain influential board member and D.C. lobbyist who shills for the Islamic Institute is married to a Palestinian and has worked closely with Bush senior adviser Karl Rove to give radical Muslim activists access to the White House.

Said one prominent blogger of the other: “Who will appear – Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and Dr. Ben Carson, for example – hasn’t caused as much of a stir as who won’t be in attendance. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wasn’t invited, GOProud has been excluded and today Pamela Geller of the American Freedom Defense Initiative announced that her application to speak has been ignored.”

All the president’s men, 2.0

Watergate reporter Bob Woodward’s investigative journalism brought down a president 39 years ago. Today’s liberal “journolists” are determined that won’t happen again as they close ranks to defend the current White House occupant. Here’s how they’re using social media to destroy the man who has served as a role model of journalistic integrity and accomplishment for daring to speak truth to power about President Obama.

Anti-gun spambots

Two out of three supposed “grassroots supporters” who backed President Obama’s Twitter hashtag “#WeDemandAVote” anti-gun campaign turned out to be fakes, phonies, computer-generated spambots intended to sway the opinions of Congress by spamming their Twitter accounts, according to one of the spam recipients, Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas .

Stockman’s staff grabbed screen captures of all account information, tweets, followers and accounts followed for the fraudulent spambots. The majority of the Obama-supporting accounts were created within 48 hours of contacting members of Congress.

No packing required

Victoria Falls in Zambia. Las Vegas. Kiev, Ukraine. You can visit the wonders of the world – the Pyramids of Egypt or Moscow’s Kremlin in Bolotnaya Square in both Panorama and 3D, without leaving your easy chair. The Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, or Fiordland, New Zealand. Wherever your wanderlust desires. Select an interesting location, click and curser anywhere on the screen. Bon voyage!

19 degrees of separation?

Hungarian physicist Albert-László Barabási says we are all separated by only 18 others in the cyberworld. How does he know? He created a model that traced the interconnecting points, or nodes, of the Internet’s 14 billion pages.

“Barabási says this ‘small world’ of the web shows how we tend to group into communities in the virtual world as in real life,” according to a published report. “These nodes serve as the ‘Kevin Bacons’ of the web, allowing users to navigate from most areas to most others in less than 19 clicks.”

So, what is a “click”? For that matter, where did the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” rule originate? Here’s one explanation.

Getting Obama’s goat

And finally, sequestration like you’ve never heard it before. Viewers are advised to exercise caution when sipping liquids while watching. Head here for the backstory.

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