I know why this man is president, but I do not know why he remains president.

Barack Obama was elected the first time and then was re-elected.

Unless I don’t understand the law, the Constitution and common sense, I do not know why he remains in that position with the power he has over more than 300 million people in this country and what he does to them.

You tell me: How do we explain the man in the Oval Office who is dead set to grant virtual blanket amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in this country, who is seemingly dedicated to disarming American citizens, making it virtually impossible for them to have access to firearms for personal protection and whose administration, under the guise of “sequestration” to save money, releases into the general population thousands of illegals from detention with plans to release thousands more.

The Homeland Security Department released more than 2,000 illegals, and the plan is to release another 3,000. The figures came from internal documents reviewed by the Associated Press.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that when the administration was first confronted with reports of the release, it denied the White House knew anything about it.

They lie, and everyone swears to it.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano also hedged, then admitted she regretted the way it was done. She actually told NBC she was surprised to learn of the action. She actually tried to shift blame to “career officials in the field” – as though she has no responsibility for the people who work under her.

To make the lying and blame shifting worse, it was reported that an official was forced to resign but the next day, it was shown that that hadn’t happened, either.

The New York Post reported that ICE spokesman Brian Hale said the number released was only several hundred.

What was that I said about liars?

Truth be known, I don’t care whether it was 10, 20, 200 or 2,000, none of them should have been released, no matter what the supposed reason.

Who are these people? Why were they being detained? What laws had they broken, in addition to the fact that they were in this country illegally? Where are they? What are they doing? If we don’t have the money to pay for their detention, how do we have the money to track them to be certain they don’t commit any crimes?

Does anyone in the government care?

Does Obama care?

Not that anyone would know.

What a sad and infuriating farce made worse by government criticism of how AP reported the story.

Ah yes, kill the messenger.

If and when any one of those criminals confronts an American citizen, threatening their safety or the security of their possessions or breaks any law, it will be a travesty of justice. Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano and all their immigration bureaucrats will responsible for the consequences and should be held personally, legally responsible.

Don’t hold your breath.

We are confronted with Barack Obama, the man in the Oval Office whose family enjoys the protection of the Secret Service and whose children go to an expensive private school that has armed guards on duty, who does not want the average American citizen to enjoy the security of similar protection against criminals.

Those people released by Obama’s administration are criminals. They pose potential danger to innocent American citizens, and yet Obama hasn’t had the decency to address the American public about the situation.

He just ignores it.

One wonders how the people of Arizona, California, Texas and Georgia feel about their states being the places where these criminals have been set free.

One wonders how ranchers in those states, already at the mercy of illegals tramping across their properties and committing felonies, feel now that there are even more illegals out there and they, American citizens, are their potential victims.

It must be particularly irksome that their own president and his administration are behind this travesty and who also want to disarm them.

Whether the illegals are disarmed is moot. They already flout our laws – why should they care about doing the “right” thing? It doesn’t matter to the American government. We let them in, give them freebies, forgive their transgressions and release them to do it all over again.

Break the law, run guns or drugs or people. Rob, steal, assault, destroy property and put the fear of God into law-abiding American citizens.

And they essentially get a free pass.

Yet we have people like John McCain, a senator from Arizona, a state particularly hard hit by the crimes of illegals, who espouses amnesty, even if it’s called a pathway to citizenship.

The only people who should be on a citizenship pathway are those who follow the law to become American citizens the legal way.

Obama and Napolitano aren’t the only insane ones in Washington. So too, are McCain and all the others in Congress who are anxious for the possibility of votes and power.

Every one of them, from top to bottom, should be tossed out of office – but not before facing impeachment and perhaps jail time with no parole.

It’s only fair.

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