This week the world witnessed a shameless dog and pony show put on by President Barack Hussein Obama and the president and prime minister of Israel, Shimon Peres and Benjamin Natanyahu – a display that sought to effectively defraud the Israeli people, as well as Jews and Christians in the United States and throughout the world.

Traveling to Israel on his “new charm offensive” with his leftist and Botox-injected secretary of state, John Kerry, our so-called president sought to keep the coffers of Jewish money and votes flowing for the Democratic Party by making it appear that he is a reliable friend of the Hebrew state, such that the United States will come to Israel’s defense should the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and other hostile terrorist states and groups attempt soon to annihilate, as they have vowed, the land of Moses, King David and Jesus.

However, undercutting the “mullah in chief’s” sincerity even before he arrived in Tel Aviv was Obama’s televised interview with Israeli television, during which he claimed that his fellow Muslim mullahs in Tehran were over a year away from building an atomic bomb, which they have threatened repeatedly to use to annihilate Israel and the great Satan, the United States. Notwithstanding that this foreign intelligence “revelation” is obviously contrived and false – as Iran has by more reliable and believable Israeli accounts already passed the nuclear red line with regard to having the capability to quickly assemble and build a bomb (see this report) – it constitutes yet another illegal leak of U.S. national security information by Obama. Even more important, the “leak” was intended to undercut Prime Minister Netanyahu – who had previously pressed for joint Israeli-American military action this spring to destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities, before Obama even arrived in Israel.

Coupled with this stunt, upon Obama’s arrival in Israel, the great usurper arranged to be greeted by Israeli President Shimon Peres, who is a fellow socialist and a bitter rival of Netanyahu and his Likud Party. In a public ceremony televised worldwide, Peres, who has no real power other than to be a figurehead, proceeded to fawn over Obama, heaping praise on him as a great friend of the Jewish state and then awarding him a medal for all he has done. In this way, Obama’s socialist comrade Peres was used to again embarrass and box in Netanayhu, who has clashed with Obama over the last four years, thereby undercutting the planned negotiations with the prime minister over taking out the Iranian nuclear program. Peres and Obama also intended to undercut the prime minister’s practical resistance to a quick two-state solution to the Palestinian problem – promoted by Obama and Peres – which would allow for a Palestinian state on the West Bank, a terrorist-controlled dagger in the side of the Jewish state. The display was sickening, as Obama looked on devilishly.

Netanyahu – who, with his conservative Likud Party, recently took a hit during the recent elections in January and now has a very weak hold on his prime ministership – then proceeded to roll over and himself heap praise on Obama as Israel’s greatest friend, having been politically outflanked by his American and Israeli rivals. As a result, both the Israeli public and Jewry worldwide were treated to an attempted fraud – as both Obama and high Israeli officials backed away from committing to take any immediate forceful action to stop Iran’s nuclear program and instead engaged in political “sex.”

In short, all parties, Obama, Peres and Netanyahu, disgraced and disserved their own people by attempting to lull them to sleep on the immediate threat of an Iranian nuclear Holocaust.



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