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Obama lost his battle against Israel

If you can’t share excitement, you can at least study it.

Media of ours and friends of mine are hailing the “success” of Obama’s visit to Israel as if it were as joyous as the liberation of Paris, as game-changing as the nuclear bomb and as important as the unconditional surrender of the bad guys in World War II. Me? I thought it was pretty cool.

There was an overhang in the atmosphere that, though we didn’t like to talk about it openly, Obama hadn’t really passed his deity exam yet to qualify as God, but now, finally, he did and we can all unlimber and rejoice. Well, as Hollywood’s incomparable Sam Goldwyn once said, “Include me out!”

Barack Obama until just the other day was the most anti-Israel president in America’s history. His idolaters wail, “What a leader we’ve got! He was anti-Israel, then suddenly he changes and, wow, look how hopes for the Middle East are spiraling upward!”

This is what’s so numbing about the Obama phenomenon. When Romney loses to Obama, the with-it crowd likes to remind Republicans, “Times change. Demographics change.” When Obama twice wins the Jewish vote, after proving his anti-Israel DNA, nobody talks of “change.” Change is robbed of the credit. All credit then goes to “this charismatic young genius who knows how to carry his base and everybody else’s base, too!”

Try pointing out that younger American Jews are also vulnerable to a magnetism different from that of their more Holocaust-and-jihad-aware elders; point out that younger generations shed loyalty like snakes shed skin, and you’re suddenly a racist denying Obama his due.

I wish I didn’t have to keep returning to Egypt’s “Museum of Victory” example, but an ungenerous world offers no alternative. Between Cairo Airport and the Nile Hilton, there’s a “Victory Museum” dedicated to the Egyptian defeat in the 1973 Yom Kippur War – on the level! President Franklin D. Roosevelt once told New York’s Jewish Rep. Sol Bloom, “I am tired of hearing the whining of Jews.”

You don’t have to be Martin Luther King to have a dream, and you don’t have to be Franklin Roosevelt to be tired of something. I get tired of Obama’s defeats being energetically presented as victories, and I dream of a change!

Does it ever occur to anyone that Obama shifted his Israeli stance because he was beaten? Obama not only failed to cause Netanyahu’s defeat at the Israeli elections, his ratings are sinking and, except for his back-pocket dwellers, the whole world sees his policy is a failure in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and Iran. Only those Sunni-dominated countries that need a strong American ally and have no choice but to pretend America is still credible, namely Jordan and Saudi Arabia, still strike up the band when Obama’s plane lands.

Israel, not Obama, was the big winner last week. Remember now the stage magician who said, “Notice that at no point do my fingers leave my hands! Has Israel given up one square inch of new territory? Has Israel stopped or dismantled one Israeli house or even garage in the disputed-but-not-disputable Israeli territories. Is any such move as the above even expectable? The only “Obama victory” was Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s airport “apology” to Turkish leader Recep Erdogan for killing nine Turks enroute to attack Israel by breaking the blockade of arms to Hamas in Gaza. If Israel apologized to every enemy enroute to attack her, she’d be in the same kind of perpetual apology as the Tibetans are in perpetual prayer. If this act made Obama great, then Israel must be greater than we think. Netanyahu’s apology was an act of “rakhmones” – something between pity and charity – so Obama didn’t have to leave empty-hearted.

There are 12 Jewish senators, all Democrats. Chuck Hagel’s anti-Jewish and anti-Israel record would glare through even the darkest desert night. But all 12 of those senators voted for Hagel. That’s what Israelis are smiling at.

A European Jew was once hectoring an American Jew on all the great achievements of European Jews. “Are you aware we had synagogues in our major European cities before Columbus discovered America? All our great Jewish scholars were European. All our great Jewish liturgical collections are in Europe. What do you American Jews have better than we European Jews?” asked the cocky European.

“Christians,” answered the American Jew simply. “We American Jews have the greatest Christians that Jews have ever been fortunate enough to live among.”

And which senators arose in the effort to smite anti-Semite Chuck Hagel? They didn’t have names like Blumenthal, Schumer and Lautenberg. They had names like Graham, Ayotte and McCain.

If you see Chuck Hagel, congratulate him. Tell him how much he’s done for the Jewish people just by not being one.