How can anyone – except fascistic socialists who fantasize about total government control of our lives – support Obamacare? [“Killing the Obamacare zombie – hope lives!”]

Obamacare adds $6.2 trillion to national debt, substantially increases health insurance premiums, demoralizes the private health-care profession and creates a doctor shortage, rations care with long waiting lines and inferior quality, spawns a slew of onerous taxes and parasitic government bureaucracies, markedly expands the scope and powers of the IRS, implements nightmarish Big Brother databases, raises costs of doing business and prices for goods and services, vaporizes freedoms and privacy, forces companies to fire workers and/or reduce worker hours, blows giant holes into state budgets and, in short, strangles America with suffocating federal rules, regulations, costs and unwarranted intrusions. Is it then any surprise that about 70 percent of Americans think Obamacare is unconstitutional?

M. Henry

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