PALM BEACH, Fla. – As the election of the next pope takes place in Vatican City this week, U.S. radio giant Rush Limbaugh is joking about the voting procedures.

“I have some questions about the election of the pope,” Limbaugh said Tuesday.

“Is a photo ID required of the College of Cardinals before they can vote? And I wonder is there any early voting? Like have some of the cardinals already voted and we just don’t no about it? You know, [they] voted before they got to Rome just to make sure … . No early voting?”

“What about absentee ballots?” he continued. “Any absentee ballots in the election? None of that? They vote right there when they go in? Like it used to be here?”

Has the “final pope” before return of Jesus really arrived? You’ve got to read “Petrus Romanus.”

“What about exit polls? Do the media over there need any poll data?”

“Just the smoke, is that it? Black or white smoke, or smoke of other color? Smoke of other color. Because now Sally Quinn [of the Washington Post] has introduced [the notion that the] church, in order to become relevant, is going to have to start including women, people of other color and homosexuality.”

On Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” program, Quinn, who is an atheist, had claimed the Catholic Church is “on the way to irrelevancy if they don’t start including women and certainly people of other color and ultimately homosexuals. And so, I mean, they’re all against homosexuality even though so many priests are gay.”

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