I’m so out of it I’ve been waiting for the knockdown, drag-out battle over the CR (continuing resolution). I feel like I showed up at a party and everyone left – nary a peep from supposed hard-nosed budget cutters or the media. The whole issue just quietly faded away.

If the CR were a New York play, it would have broken “The Phantom of the Opera” record for the longest-running show on Broadway. Actually, it’s been around for at least 135 years, but it’s always played in Washington, not the Big Apple. Even so, now that I think of it, CR is a play – a bunch of corrupt, spineless politicians playing an insidious game with the American people.

The advertised purpose of a CR game is to give thoughtful politicians time to carefully examine all options before committing to any long-term funding of the government. In real-life terms, what it actually means is a way of indefinitely postponing the unthinkable – making serious spending cuts – which, in turn, means the debt ceiling will continue to be raised and our currency debauched until the shell game finally implodes.

The latest call for a CR was a dream come true for Republicans. They were in a position to defund Obamacare and shut down the government – both of which are sorely needed.  Fortunately for Obama, however, Bonehead Boehner is speaker of the House, and, as usual, he assured his Marxist golfing pal early on that neither of those things was going to happen.

As to a desire by many in his party to make the defunding of Obamacare part of the latest CR, Boehner said, “I believe that trying to put Obamacare on this vehicle risks shutting down the government. That’s not what our goal is. Our goal here is to reduce spending.”

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Your goal is not to shut down the government? Bonehead doesn’t know a twofer when he sees one – a golden opportunity to defund Obamacare and shut down the government. And, by the way, Bonehead, when you shut down the government, you do reduce spending – automatically.

If the Republican leadership isn’t willing to defund the most hated piece of legislation in modern history, what are they willing to defund or cut? Shutting down the federal government is precisely what the economy needs right now. And it should have remained shut down until statists in both parties agreed to balance this year’s budget via specific spending cuts – without any tax increases. Not a balanced budget 10 years from now. This year!

What would be the effect of shutting down the government, as was done for 28 days during the 1995-96 Clinton-Gingrich standoff? Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal summed it up when he suggested making the position of congressman a part-time job:

“When Congress meets, a lot of bad things happen. Astronomical amounts of money get spent; the government takes over banks and car companies; people try to re-engineer entire sections of the economy.” Jindal went on to cite a study by two college professors that shows that the more time Congress spends in session, the longer and more complex laws become, and the more money it spends.

Of course, most conservatives would say that shutting down the government for any length of time is an unrealistic objective, but that’s only because of their perspective. If you start with a $3.5 trillion budget as your baseline, of course it’s unrealistic.

But why do Republicans go along with a baseline that has the U.S. on a path to bankruptcy? Why not have the baseline be the 2000 budget – $1.8 trillion – the budget before big spenders George W. Bush and Barack Obama came to town?

Two presidents nearly tripled the deficit in eight years, and their spending is used as the new baseline? I wonder how people managed to survive back in the prehistoric days of 2000 – before the additional $1.8 trillion was added to the budget.

Give BHO credit for one thing: He sticks to his guns by insisting that the U.S. has neither a debt crisis nor a spending problem. As a result, most Republicans think he’s delusional, but, again, that’s only because of their perspective. They view him through the same lens as most of the conservative media, believing he is nothing more than an inexperienced, incompetent, naive guy, who, despite good intentions, is simply in over his head.

If one begins with the false premise that Obama is a well-meaning guy with good intentions, the conclusion that he is an inexperienced, incompetent, naive boob is perfectly understandable.

But therein lies the rub. No doubt BHO is well meaning, but only in the sense that he genuinely believes that Marxism will make America a better country. His own words make it clear that he is a lifetime, anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-liberty nihilist brimming over with anger toward those who work hard and succeed.

The possibility that Obama could be stopped before finishing his goal of fundamentally transforming America has shaken him enough to decide that it’s time to implement a “charm offensive” and once again make fools of lapdog Republicans. His sudden reaching out is, of course, a total fraud, but the usual half of the population and most of the media are buying into it. And, of course, it got him the CR he needed to keep the ball moving toward economic collapse.

I’m still hoping that the new liberty types can cleanse the Republican Party of leftists and cowards and get “conservative” Republicans to be brave enough to grab hold of their coattails. But until they are willing to shut down the government in exchange for major spending cuts – starting with the defunding of Obamacare – nothing is going to change.

Now, let’s all be good little citizens and obediently focus on March Madness. Everything’s going to be just fine – at least until May 19, when it’s time to raise the debt ceiling again, followed by the next CR in September, when it continues to distance itself from “The Phantom of the Opera.


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