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Preschool madness drove me to homeschooling

(NBCLATINO) — The preschool process in New York City is crazy. Kids my daughters age, 2, are already visiting with consultants, taking practice exams, and studying with interview coaches. Interview coaches.

Kids who a week ago were at the playground acting like kids are now reciting over-rehearsed interview answers and studying like they’re preparing for the SATs. Parents are stressed out making phone calls, filling out and paying for entrance applications, and training their kids to impress the heads of these preschools. Kids are becoming stressed out. It’s ridiculous. Stressed out children who really should have nothing to be stressed about.

And have you seen how much these preschools cost? Holy frijole! Talk about stressful! I’d have to take out a second mortgage. A friend of mine just put down a deposit on her kid’s preschool that cost more than my car.