(Forbes) — Meet Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX): the Six Trillion Dollar Man. Brady recently took the chair of Congress’s arguably most important inner think tank, the Joint Economic Committee. From this perch Brady is proposing to provide the combination to open the lock of a safe that holds $6 trillion in potential revenues for the federal government. (That is well over 20 times the value of all the gold in Fort Knox.) Without raising taxes. Game changer.

Brady is positioned to become America’s new Jack Kemp. If this works, he, along with a new generation of other growth-oriented Representatives, will unleash a wave of (worldwide) equitable prosperity. Kemp rode the Laffer Curve to greatness. Brady is preparing to hitch the world to the Kadlec Curve, named after Laffer protégé (and Forbes.com columnist) Charles Kadlec.

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