Rush Limbaugh

It’s no secret that Limbaugh is a football fanatic. As he sees it, his favorite sport is under attack from within, thanks to new NFL helmet rules.

Rush told listeners this week (FREE audio): “Now, I don’t quite know how to say it. But they’re taking manliness out of the game. And not just football. When I say ‘they,’ I’m talking about the culture warriors, the politically correct. … We’re taking manliness out of culture and out of society.”

Limbaugh also took issue with the GOP Beltway wisdom that “Hispanics are natural conservatives.” If that’s true, he asked, then why is the Republican Party courting the Latino vote while at the same time “rebranding” itself by condoning gay “marriage”? The two aims, he notes, are mutually exclusive (FREE audio).

Michael Savage

On the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, Dr. Savage surveyed the outcome: “Here we are, 10 years later, trillions of dollars in debt, tens of thousands of Americans dead or wounded, who knows how many Iraqis dead, and the bombs are still going off there. … Was the Iraq War worth it? The answer is, of course not” (FREE audio).

Savage continued his criticism of New York City Mayor Bloomberg, concluding that his mania for “taking away simple pleasures from people” shows that he is “greatly in need of psychiatric care” (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Mark Levin went after MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough for attacking “our dear friend Ted Cruz, the great senator from Texas.”

Levin said of Scarborough: “This is a man who resigned from the House of Representatives. This is a man who tried radio and failed. He went on a hiatus to put together a whole new program and he’s been on hiatus ever since. A man who wanted to work for the Fox News Channel, but they already had a janitor. A man who wanted to work the fryer at McDonald’s, but wasn’t qualified” (FREE audio).

Levin then turned his sights to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who hinted that the sequester had led to the accidental death of seven Marines in his home state.

“Harry Reid, you’re the lowest of the low-lives, you know that?” Levin said. “You really are at the bottom of the sewer, all the time on every issue, whether it’s accusing Mitt Romney of not filing taxes. You are just a very ill human being” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

As an investigative journalist based in Israel, Aaron Klein is the one to turn to for the inside story on the Obama’s trip to the Holy Land.

On the home front, Klein reveals the dubious “charity” that receives much of its funding from John Kerry’s wife, plus more information on the use of drones on American soil.

Klein also reveals new evidence that the U.S. is arming al-Qaida, and explains how the “Arab Spring” will negatively impact Israel (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Congressman Paul Ryan told Laura he’s certain his plan will achieve a balanced budget ahead of schedule – and reduce the size of government to its smallest in generations.

“Since we are forced to use the numbers calculated by the Congressional Budget Office, we can’t count the pro-growth policies of the plan. I am confident we will balance far sooner if we put our pro-growth policies in place,” Ryan said. “Our budget brings down the size of government below what it was during World War II.”

Ingraham’s other guests this week included birthright citizenship opponent David Vitter and RNC chair Reince Priebus (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

His offhand Twitter message – that “Satan” on the new “The Bible” miniseries looked like Obama – swept the Internet this week, and CNN’s Erin Burnett wasn’t happy about it.

Beck went on her show to discuss the matter, and Burnett accused him of having an “ugly history” of calling the president “the Antichrist.” She played clips of Beck’s radio show as “proof,” but it was obvious to anyone (except her) that Beck had been mocking other conservatives who’d compared Obama to the devil.

Beck blasted Burnett in response: “Erin, I know what it’s like to be on the verge of being fired. I know what it’s like to have horrible ratings.”

He added that, when he’d been a host on Fox News, “I think your best ratings were my worst ratings.”

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