History seldom humors us by turning out the way we had planned. Sometimes, the smallest events of the moment become turning points, the rallying cry behind which millions of the voiceless find hope.

You saw one such event this week in the U.S. Senate. Rand Paul spoke to the point of exhaustion on the Senate floor against the administration’s murderous groundwork to target Americans, in America, with drone strikes.

Taken by itself, this event would have been a footnote in the chronicle of Americans’ descent into servitude. But events seldom occur in isolation. And some events, when paired with others around them, burn an indelible impression into the public mind.

And so it is with Sen. Paul’s filibuster. Taken by itself, a well-meaning event, or a bit of grandstanding – depending upon your view.

But taken in context with another event also widely reported, Sen. Paul’s filibuster has historical coattails. At the time one man stood and spoke against tyranny, a dozen of the Republican “old bulls” met for dinner at a fancy Washington hotel with the architect of that tyranny.

These men have now identified themselves as what they really are. The “old bulls” are all about preserving their own power, prestige and plunder, which they have traded for the erosion of Americans’ political freedoms and economic liberty.

Washington, D.C., is now the wealthiest city in the nation. Is anyone surprised? The “old bulls” have been horse-trading our liberties and economic prospects for so long that they have mistaken patronage as their right enshrined in the Constitution. And they are prepared to “rain fire from heaven” with drone strikes to preserve and protect this plunder.

But instead of the treason taking place in America by its own leaders on a daily basis, let us focus instead on lengthening Sen. Paul’s coattails and likewise the coattails of those on the Senate floor who gave him a drink of cool water when he thirsted.

Proposals to fix America’s problems (all of which have been brought about by the ruling class, mind you) are a dime-a-dozen. And they are worth every penny paid for them. They will never be implemented without true transparency shined upon the currency of the old bulls in government.

Big Media long ago extinguished the lamp of truth in their reporting, pledging allegiance instead to provide “propaganda to the people.” While the Republicans and Democrats may at times hate each other, they hate our liberties and freedom more. Look for no help from either in securing your future. Money and power have blinded both parties to their obligations of office.

What then? Transparency, still. And the rising political parties can provide it. They are filled with young people whose futures will be taxed from them in an attempt to preserve the old bulls’ patronage machine: the corporations and the poverty pimps who together have made war and welfare their path to prosperity and power – all paid for by us.

The coming mid-term election could be unlike any other. Computer-savvy young people can produce a mouse-over graphic that enlightens the dark and unreported tentacles of power and patronage now sucking America’s future from our children’s grasp. The New Media are young, but not untested. Their loose yet growing networks and budding investigative skills are up to the task. Taken together, these two new estates offer the best hope for a peaceful transition of power out of the hands of the old bulls. Power to the productive, if you will.

The old bulls’ behavior leads one to believe that the light of transparency is their darkest nightmare. All Americans should work hard to help make the old bulls’ last dream come true.



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