“Do you believe in talking snakes and talking donkeys?” – Anthony J.

Christians believe in the supernatural. We believe that God spoke the universe into existence and that He made Adam and Eve. He talked through a donkey, opened the Red Sea and told Noah to build an ark. We believe that Jesus walked on water, fed 5,000 and spoke life to the dead.

None of these things makes sense if you deny that God exists. If I denied the existence of electricity because it’s invisible, I am going to mock you when you talk about instant lights in your house. I will laugh when you speak about your TV, your toaster, your AC, the microwave, etc. None of it is possible in my mind if I deny the power source.

The Christian (those who have been born again) believe the Word of God when it speaks about supernatural events, because we have experienced the supernatural power of God.

“Ray, please help me on this one because it genuinely troubles me. What about the law to stone the woman taken into adultery … is Jesus saying that God is wrong to command that she be stoned?”

This woman, who was taken in the very act of adultery, is like each of us. We have been caught in the act of breaking the Ten Commandments, and the moral Law calls for our death.

However, God can completely forgive us, because Jesus took the wrath of the Law upon Himself. That means we, like the woman, can have our case dismissed. There is no compromise, because the Law is satisfied by the suffering of the cross. So take a lesson from the Scriptures. Thank God for His mercy, then like the woman, trust in Jesus, go your way and sin no more. See NeedGod.com for details.

“What do you think of the near death experience? Some of these verified accounts have people being dead for hours and even days before coming back to life. This to me is where the rubber meets the road in regards to an afterlife or not!”

People has testified that thy have seen bright light, have seen themselves from above, some have said they have gone to Heaven for a walkabout, while others have said that they chatted with Jesus. I don’t give these stories too much credibility, because I’m cynical. Each of us should be when it comes to this issue.

I’m a skeptic for a couple of reasons. Firstly, sincere though some may be, the most astute of us can be easily fooled by our senses. Second, if man says it, question it, and the way to question it is to ask if it lines up with Scripture. If it doesn’t, toss it.

If man says it, be a skeptic, but if God says it, trust it with all of your heart. His Word says, “It’s appointed to man once to die, and after this the judgment.”

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