Have you looked around and noticed America is undergoing a major transformation?

The country of our Founding Fathers is looking more like a failing European country. In fact, the U.S. is becoming more and more like a model U.N. country.

We deny our rights are inalienable. We reject the heritage of Western Christendom. We violate our national interests by sending billions of dollars to foreign countries. And now our government wants to take our guns.

Is the United States a colony of the U.N.?

The immigration issue is importing voters who already agree with the U.N. worldview.

There is a general consensus among elected governments in Latin America, Europe and Asia that:

  • only the government should be armed;
  • personal firearms should be severely limited, registered and, if possible, confiscated;
  • exceptions should be made for the elite and their body guards;
  • the best way to decrease gun violence is to disarm the population.

America is the exceptional country. From what we know of these elites, do you think they tolerate exceptions to their worldview?

The Democratic Party elite have adopted these ideas. They no longer need to convince Americans to believe them; it is far easier to just make new Americans.

If the NRA, GOA, hunters, range owners, the tea party, churches and gun/ammo manufacturers don’t fight amnesty efforts, the Democrat elite will get their wish. In a few years, the Democrats will win legislative majorities in the states.

You know what the Democrat elite want to do. Amnesty gives them the power.

The Second Amendment will not be safe.

CPAC can’t support amnesty and the Second Amendment.

The RNC can’t support amnesty and the Second Amendment.

The conservative-libertarian movement can’t support amnesty and the Second Amendment.

It is time to choose.

Contact your lawmakers. There is a way to save the Second Amendment: Tell them to say no to amnesty.

Say no to the Dream Act.

Say no to a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.

And let’s enforce the true meaning of the 14th Amendment: No automatic citizenship for anchor babies.

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