What Ben Carson, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have done over the past few weeks is nothing short of administering CPR to a Republican Party on life support.

What has made Carson, Paul and Cruz stand out is not just their opposition to tyrannical government. It’s that they are willing to aggressively state their opposition to it and not fall all over themselves trying to live up to the civility standards Democrats have set for them (standards from which the Democrats have exempted themselves).

First came Ben Carson, daring to speak out against Barack Obama’s dream of a socialist hell at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. Left-wing media types like CNN’s Candy Crowley relished the opportunity to chastise Carson for having the temerity to criticize the Delusional Despot’s policies.

No problem. After all, we expect the left-wing media to defend Obama. But when Carson got his comeuppance from conservative columnist Cal Thomas, that was a bit much. Thomas, you will recall, opined that Carson should apologize to BHO for making his remarks at a prayer venue. After all, we know what a devout Christian Obama is.

Then, along comes Son of Paul, Rand himself. Sen. Paul had the audacity to filibuster another left-wing nomination by Barack Obama in order to get the presidential pretender to admit that he did not have the authority to kill Americans on American soil without a trial.

But in this instance, before the left-wing press could work up its usual histrionic sweat, Ludicrous Lindsey (Graham) and Moronic Mush (McCain) put Paul in his place. Moronic said that Paul had done a “disservice to some Americans by making them believe that somehow they’re in danger from their government.” Gosh, I can’t imagine why anyone would think the government might harm them.

Taking a cue from the Dirty Dems’ playbook, Ludicrous indignantly chimed in, “I do not believe that question (Does the president have the power to kill Americans without a trial?) deserves an answer.”

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Finally, the most galling of all, Ted Cruz. I mean, who the hell is Ted Cruz, anyway? Where does a freshman senator get off questioning a brilliant career politician like Dianne Feinstein? After all, this is a woman who is going to allow us to keep more than 2,200 kinds of weapons. How generous can any one senator be?

Sen. Feinstein reminded the upstart Mr. Cruz that she didn’t need a lecture, because she had been in the Senate for more than 20 years. Which is interesting, but Cruz didn’t ask her how long she’s been in the Senate. He asked her about the constitutionality of her proposed gun ban – and he’s still waiting for her answer.

Predictably, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell defended Feinstein by saying, “Ted Cruz somehow thought he was going to take on Dianne Feinstein, who began her career in politics facing the bloodshed in San Francisco when she was elevated to become the mayor after the assassinations there?”

Again, no problem. Everyone understands that Mitchell is one of the Dirty Dems’ most useful idiots. But here’s where it gets depressing. Of all people, Charles Krauthammer – Mr. Republican – said that Cruz “overshot” and that the manner in which he spoke to Feinstein “appeared a little bit offensive.” I mean, let’s show a little respect here. Next thing you know, Cruz will be forgetting to address Feinstein’s pal, Babs Boxer, as Senator Boxer.

The result of all this is that the far left is becoming increasingly shaken by the sudden appearance of not one, not two, but three Republicans who refuse to follow the civility code laid down by the Democrats – a code that inevitably leads to the tantrum-throwing, indignant left getting its way.

The radical left has been in existence since the founding, but people paid little attention to its members in the early days. Today, however, they have, through patience and relentlessness, taken control of the government apparatus, and they are masters at the vote-bribery game that keeps them in power.

Dissent is not tolerated in today’s Democratic Party. Virtually all Democrats believe that the United States is an inherently bad country. Virtually all Democrats believe that the Constitution is no longer relevant. Virtually all Democrats believe that they are not answerable to the citizenry.

The truth be known, their objective is a second bill of rights that would offset what Barack Obama has referred to as the “negative liberties” set forth in the Constitution. In other words, it would state what the government can do to you.

Of course, the very foundation upon which the Founding Fathers started this country was that the government should not be allowed to do anything to its citizens – the idea being that the government is of, by, and for the people. The government is given certain limited powers to protect people’s lives and property – and that’s it.

We shall see whether the Carson-Paul-Cruz offensive will give others in the Republican Party the courage to get tough with the enemy – and, make no mistake about it, those on the far left are the enemy.

Now, it’s up to a newer, younger, liberty-oriented Republican Party to trash the obscene notions of compromise and bipartisanship. You don’t compromise with people who are trying to destroy the country. You don’t compromise with people who violate the Constitution. And you don’t compromise with people who believe that some sort of collective rights trump individual rights.

If libertarian-centered conservatives have aspirations of rooting out the Marxists who now hold the reins of power in Washington, this is the moment. They need to stop Republicans from appeasing those on the left and talk openly about the real intentions of Obama and the Obamaviks – and how they intend to stop them.

But to be in a position to do that, they must first take control of the Republican Party and ideologically cleanse it of – in the words of Rand Paul – stale and moss-covered RINOs and liberals.

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