With Obama spending money faster than the Fed can print it, it’s only a matter of time before the federal government goes belly up. With no more “trickle down” welfare, it’s only a matter of time before riots, fires, looting and murder hit the streets. Since 1965, welfare has been used as a bribe NOT to riot. They fed the bear until they ran out of food, and now the “bear” will eat them.

Not only that, when the Fed finally stops printing worthless money to prop up the stock market, the short-term T-bills will come due, interest rates will climb through the stratosphere, and taxes will take 80 percent of your paycheck, just like Europe.

Martial law will follow, and this once-great country will cease to exist.

We can thank Obama and his supporters for this; they will well deserve the horrors that will be visited upon them. May they rot in hell.

Michael A. Pacer

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