The purpose of Christianity is not to be inclusive; the purpose of Christianity is to save souls.

The simple message of the gospel that man is lost and is need of a Savior – and luckily God has supplied that Savior – is often forgotten in the midst of political battles and attempts to turn the church into a tool for social change.

Is it any wonder that as American denominations move away from the simple message of the gospel, those church organizations notice a dramatic drop in membership?

This is the crisis of modern heresy. Heresy means “a thing chosen” or, more specifically, as it has come to mean in Christianity: things people choose to believe contrary to God’s Holy Scripture.

When we choose to believe things that are contrary to what God wants us to believe, it has to be noted that small heresies make room for larger ones. After all, even heresy can be logical; if you reject God’s standard in one instance, why can you not reject his standard in another instance? If you persist in rejecting God’s standard in one instance and you do not appear to suffer a penalty, why should you not go even further? Hence, error only leads to new errors.

Unfortunately, these attempts to modernize the church have only served to drive out Bible-believing parishioners. However, it has not brought in new members who were previously disinterested in the precepts of Christianity. How could it be otherwise? If the presets of Christianity come from God, then they cannot be changed by human whim.

If, however, the precepts of Christianity are not from God and were the opinions of men – which can be changed over time – then why believe in the religion anyway? Hence, any change in major Christian practices must be shown to be in accordance with scripture and, therefore, the continuation of the true biblical orthodoxy.

Slavery was a great denial of God’s sovereignty, and racism as practiced by American Christians was, and is, heresy. In the 1960s, it was used to destroy the moral credibility of the churches, particularly in the South. Because of its persistence in error, the church has its proclamations of actual scriptural prohibitions compared to its prior racism. Perhaps what the churches need is a public declaration that racism and slavery were heresies and sins for which those who participated in them had to repent to be saved.

But this state of affairs only serves to remind us of the importance of Resurrection Sunday. Mankind needs a Savior, and God provided that Savior.

As we partake in the memorial of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the American church must be rededicated to the truth of Scripture. Truth is not a choice; it is a reality.

If your church can’t agree about this, is it any wonder few want to attend?

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