In his sobering column “Civil war withing 8 years?” Barry Farber notes that the eminent author and veteran political and economic scholar Martin Gross, who assisted the presidential campaigns of Adlai Stevenson and John F. Kennedy, foresees a civil war in America within eight years.

If that prediction comes to pass, it will have been caused by the purveyors of the lowest common denominator who, like insects’ boring weakening tunnels within a mighty tree, have been intentionally gnawing away at the spiritual innards of America for decades from their hives in government, academia, media, business and entertainment. After all, enslaving a free people for the purpose of absolute control is made easier by first destroying their faith in God and then their faith in themselves.

Let’s catalogue the accomplishments of these enemies within thus far: junk schools, junk teachers, junk minds, junk music, junk television, junk video games, junk movies, junk Hollywood, junk behaviors, junk mores, junk press, junk media, junk dollars, junk debt, junk politics, junk Congress, junk laws, junk judges, junk cabinet, junk bureaucrats, junk government, junk culture and, to be sure, a junk president.

How much more degradation of the republic and its ideals can good and decent Americans stomach?

W. Brooks

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