(Truro Daily) A Mount Allison anthropology professor is using new technology to preserve the past. Grant Aylesworth has begun a project, in partnership with the archaeological services unit of the Government of New Brunswick, reading “illegible” tombstones from the 1700s using 3D software technology.

The research team carried out their work at Fort Gaspareaux National Historic Site near Baie Verte, N.B. Aylesworth has been able to read previously illegible inscriptions on 250-year-old tombstones using 3D software models derived from photos taken with a regular digital camera.

“This new technology is enabling us to digitally preserve the old tombstones, important for many researchers, most notably historians and genealogists. More importantly, this has allowed us to bring back the name of a person that was lost to history, before we get to the point that there really is nothing left to read,” says Aylesworth.

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