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Gang of 8 bill opens door to bigger amnesty

(National Review) Over at Talking Points Memo, Benjy Sarlin has posted a legislative summary of the Gang of Eight immigration-reform proposal, which is due to be released by tomorrow. Assuming this summary draft is accurate, one thing is clear: This proposal truly lives up to the name of “comprehensive immigration reform.” It would be a far-ranging proposal, one that would substantially transform the immigration system of the United States. The major parts of the bill seem to include: a process for legalizing current illegal immigrants, a few provisions for enforcement, new provisions for employer-based immigration, new provisions for guest workers, and a legalization and guest-worker program for agricultural workers. The Los Angeles Times has a fair summary of the bill, as does Justin Green. There’s a lot that could be said about the actual text of the proposal (and I’m sure much will be said about it), but two heretofore-undiscussed portions of the bill stand out.

The first is the size of the amnesty.