(Gothamist) The police are continuing to investigate plane landing gear—which they believe is from one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001—found between two buildings blocks from the WTC site. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly described the piece as being around 5 feet by 4 feet by 17 inches, discovered in a “very, very narrow, confined area” between 51 Park Place and 50 Murray Street: “It’s difficult to get in there and see.”

Kelly said there was rope tied to one part of the gear, raising the possibility that it had been lowered. He added there weren’t marks on the buildings: “It would have had to fall down at a certain angle.” The location happens to be near where a controversial mosque and community center has been planned. The Post reports, “A lawyer for the proposed ‘Park51’ mosque claimed the landing gear was planted by opponents of the project — a theory Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said cops would explore.”

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