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After the GOP suicide

Where is Dr, Kevorkian when you really need him? The Republican Party is crying out for help in completing its avowed suicide. Someone should step up and render the humanitarian coup d’ grace.

It’s not just the foolhardy “Gang of Eight” Senate amnesty bill that illustrates the Republican Party’s yearning for electoral oblivion. The House Republican leadership has squandered broad public opposition to Obamacare by never defunding the program. On a dozen major bills they have refused to force confrontations with the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Indeed, it’s hard to find a major issue in Congress where the Republican leadership has not abandoned principle as well as smart politics in favor of placating the Washington establishment.

The upshot of all this stupidity is that the conservative base of the Republican Party – which is to say, 80 percent of the party’s membership – is beginning to look for a new home. Inertia can carry the party’s leadership only so far, and it is not likely it will carry them through 2016.

Conservative opposition to the Boehner team has been growing since the debt ceiling cave-in of 2011. If Boehner caves on amnesty by allowing the Senate amnesty bill or some version of it to come to the House floor for a vote, the Republican Party will implode. It will not require a “coup”; it will simply collapse, a victim of its own homegrown Hemlock.

What is striking about the GOP self-immolation is that is has all been done in the name smart politics, as if you can expand your numbers by insulting and then angering your base. That’s about as smart as kicking a hornet’s nest.

We’ve all heard that third-party movements seldom succeed and usually only split a protest vote and allow the incumbent party to win. That is true in ordinary times, but these are not ordinary times.

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A third-party movement in 2016 would not be a replay of the Ross Perot effort in 1992, when the Republican Party was still enjoying the fruits of the Reagan years. Instead of entering the ring against a heavyweight champion, a new third-party movement would be challenging an aging middleweight seeking a comeback, but who has lost the will to fight.

What conservatives want is a vigorous SECOND PARTY challenge to Democratic orthodoxy, and the Republican Party has proven itself incapable of providing that challenge. So, what we will see in 2016 is not a third-party movement but a Replacement Party movement.

Will it be the American Conservative Party or some version of it? The name is not so important as the platform, and the platform might well be similar to the Republican Party Platform of 2012. There were sound principles in that platform, such as explicit opposition to amnesty, but Republican leaders never bothered to read it.

The amnesty bill by itself could never provoke a showdown with conservative voters and a collapse of support for the Republican Party as a viable instrument of constitutional government. But it is the last straw in a long train of betrayals.

The amnesty bill is the last straw not because of the subject, a new amnesty, but because of what it says about Republican perfidy. The amnesty bill is both an arrogant betrayal of principle AND unprecedentedly outrageous in its political stupidity. It asks citizens to buy a pig in a poke merely on the promise of immigration enforcement by the Obama administration, a promise no one with an IQ about 30 can accept.

If after three years of Obama, Napolitano and Holder dishonesty, Republican leaders in Congress want us to put the nation’s sovereignty in their hands, not in real safeguards tied to tangible proof of enforcement, that is one straw too many. Those leaders have forfeited any claim to loyalty or support.

Democrats are laughing all the way to bank, but conservatives are not amused. A replacement party is now inevitable.