(NATIONAL REVIEW) — I first heard of Body Integrity Identity Disorder at a transhumanist convention. BIID, also known as “amputee wannabe,” is a terrible mental illness in which sufferers obsesses and truly anguish about becoming an amputee–which they perceive as their true identities.

At the conference, the transhumanist speaker argued that sufferers should be able to have healthy limbs amputated. On one hand, I couldn’t believe my ears. On the other, I wasn’t surprised. These days, we often don’t treat mental illnesses, but instead, tend toward acceding to and normalizing them. The speaker also argued, that since we have long permitted sex change surgeries, why not amputations? Truth to be told, there is logic there.

It isn’t just transhumanists. I have reported previously of some bioethical journals publishing articles in favor of amputation as a treatment for BIID. And now, a rogue doctor in Asia is apparently doing just that.

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