Mr. Farah,

You referenced homosexuality as a possible “super sin.” While I agree that the practice of homosexuality is a sin, I would like to suggest to you a different take. By way of preface, I have Cerebral Palsy and I have since birth. Cerebral Palsy is something I live with and strive daily to overcome. It does not define me nor is it who I am. It just is. I could give in to it and let CP rule my life, but I would accomplish little to nothing.

I believe that it is the same with homosexuality, which is, in my view, an accident of birth, the same as CP. It is determined early in the fetal development. It is an affliction that can be conquered, and the person so afflicted can live the life God intended. Accidents of birth (homosexuality) are not sinful, they just are. What that person chooses to do in the face of that accident of birth is what determines its sinfulness. If a person so afflicted gives in to the drive of same-sex attraction and engages in a homosexual relationship with all that entails, then that is sin. A celibate homosexual or one who strives to live in spite of the affliction and live to overcome his attraction to one of the same gender is to be applauded.

God commanded us to multiply and replenish the earth.The practice of homosexuality is an affront to that command from God. God gives us no commandment we cannot obey. If He did, that would predetermine our damnation. One who is homosexual, be they male or female, can live their life in spite of being homosexual, with God’s help, and ours. We must help them to understand that another choice is possible and is necessary for their exaltation. With God all things are possible. He wants all of His children to come back to Him. Especially the afflicted.

David E. Pyle

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