I’ve visited the workplace as a metaphor in explaining American politics previously, so with apologies to Yogi Berra and the people of Boston, “Now here we are all over again.”

Astute workforce participants quickly learn that when a poorly planned project is introduced into the company and something bad happens as a result, events occur in this order:

  1. Wild enthusiasm (for all the benefits the new project will bring)
  2. Dejected disillusionment (once it proves impossible to implement)
  3. Hunt for the guilty
  4. Punishment of the innocent
  5. Promotion of the non-participants

Liberalism, more correctly known by its holy grail “utopianism,” is the largest “human trials” experiment ever conducted in history. (Somewhere, there must be a record of it having received FDA approval.) These human trials continue today, even though the experiment entered failure mode in 1989, when the Soviet Union collapsed and the Berlin Wall came down.

With the failure of “Soviet-topia,” communism’s mouthpieces in the media and on American campuses entered “Baghdad Bob” mode. Reading their teleprompters over the video backdrop of European Union states falling like socialist dominos, the mouthpieces offered excuses and outright denials about what was happening in their promised land, as it was broadcast live on the backdrop behind them.

On 9/11, America entered Phase 3 of the world’s largest failed project: Hunt for the guilty. As I recall, all but one of the 9/11 hijackers held Saudi passports. America promptly declared an undeclared war on Iraq and somewhat later, added Afghanistan. While American air traffic was grounded for security reasons, a planeload of high-ranking Saudis flew home courtesy of the Bush administration.

Phase 4, punishment of the innocent, began immediately after 9/11. American liberties, won at great expense during the war for independence, were discarded or swept under the congressional, presidential and judicial rugs, where they were covered with the Constitution, just for good measure.

A new bureaucracy was created from what had previously provided border security. This new police force was greatly expanded and moved inside the nation’s airports. Americans soon found the long arm of the law inserted well up inside their body cavities, searching for such prohibited items as shampoo bottles and breast milk. Federal courts agreed that the Fourth Amendment did not apply within 100 miles of the borders (until just recently in the Ninth Circuit).

Phase 3, hunt for the guilty, was transitioned into identification of anyone who disagreed with the government’s approach to Phase 4, punishing the innocent. Soon returning war veterans, the few outspoken commentators who actually existed, constitutionalists and, yes, fundamentalist Christians were added to the list of potential terrorists. Muslims, curiously (since the 9/11 terrorists had all cited Islamic religious reasons for their attacks), were not.

With the election of Barack Obama, a man with no public history (carefully guarded at great legal expense), three known Social Security numbers, a surrendered Illinois law license and no previous involvement in America’s great terrorist adventure (other than perhaps being a closet Muslim), America entered Phase 5, promotion of the non-participants.

Oddly enough, the failed human-trials experiment in liberal utopianism continues. This would seem to contradict the FDA’s guidance that once a human-trials experiment proves ineffective or harmful to the control group, ethics demand that the experiment be stopped or the control group be provided with the remedy. Perhaps that is because poverty, while not curable, is an incurably good source of votes for demagogues who find their calling in government.

A few of you may still recall an account in an obscure book called the New Testament, where a legalist named Saul had developed quite a name for himself by torturing and terminating Jews who had converted to a fashionable new faith called Christianity.

Saul was at this particular time traveling the road to Damascus with his entourage, where he had hot new leads on practicing Christians. In the midst of his travels, he experienced a light that blinded him and found his face pushed down into the dirt of the road. With Jesus Christ’s foot on his neck, the man Saul, who would become the apostle Paul, was presented with a question. Roughly translated for today’s audience, it was: “Saul, you’re really pi–ing me off. Why are you doing it?”

His face still in the dirt and Jesus Christ’s foot still on his neck, Saul responded, quite wisely, “Lord, who are you?”

The self-imagined elites in America, of course, are much better educated than Saul, who was at that very moment becoming the apostle Paul. Saul was only one of the best educated legal minds of ancient Israel. As such, the first question he wanted answered was, “Just who am I dealing with here?”

As Jesus Christ drags America’s self-imagined elites off their high-horses and pushes their faces down into the dirt, I’m sure they will have a much better answer to the Lord’s simple question for America than Saul was able to offer.

The policies of the elites have produced the climate in which America now finds itself. Our “elites” are much like the horse I had many years ago. I would muck out the stall, put in fresh straw and hang up a full hay net for dinner. Upon re-entering the stall, the horse’s first action was to pee in the corner. That’s America’s leadership today.

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