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Black racism as a liberal strategy

The recent rise of conservatives’ new hero Dr. Benjamin Carson in the media has not only brought to light the vitriol and hypocrisy of black and liberal racism for many people, but appears to have further stoked the fires of same. On Feb. 7, Carson enflamed both the liberal and conservative press when he nonchalantly dismantled a wide array of progressive social conventions during his keynote speech at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast. That he did so a scant few feet away from a seething President Obama earned the groundbreaking surgeon instant fame – and infamy, depending on who it is you’re talking to.

Although Carson identifies himself as apolitical, as a result of his speech and the dozens of press appearances he has since made, the liberal press began to engage in its characteristic black-conservative bashing. At first, it was tentative, probably because Carson doesn’t appear to have a discernible agenda. Black members of the press were the ones who finally came out in earnest in an attempt to demonize Carson, most notably MSNBC’s resident black hack Touré Neblett. Last week Neblett (who sounds at least as adolescent as he looks) leveled incredibly feeble charges against Carson and white conservatives in general, alleging that the doctor was being employed in order to somehow assuage white guilt (don’t ask me to explain the rationale; I have yet to make sense out of it).

The conservative press hit the ground running this week, enervated by the sermon given on Easter Sunday by Rev. Luis Leon, pastor of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. President Obama and his family were in attendance as Leon launched into a divisive, blatantly racist, as well as wholly inaccurate rant calculated to engender antipathy toward white Christian conservatives and Republicans.

In 2007, I introduced America to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who was Obama’s pastor at the time. The controversy over the then-senator’s association with this anti-American, racist radical was one of the more troublesome hurdles Obama faced toward winning the 2008 election. Rev. Leon’s apostate tirade was at least as inflammatory as anything Wright ever said, yet Obama was happy to remain to hear it, and of course the establishment press had nothing to say.

The unconcealed contempt this president has for America’s founding principles and the Constitution has now been matched by his evident indifference to the racism of his political allies. Yet this is in keeping with the increasing audacity he, his administration and Democratic politicians across America are now displaying. Tyrannical measures – whether involving health care, gun control, taxes, or soft drinks – are proposed, purportedly endorsed by “a majority of the American people” and made manifest almost overnight. Whether via executive order, recess appointment, back-room deals attendant to controversial legislation, or outright decree, progressives are getting their way again and again. The token resistance of Republican leaders and their perfunctory protests after the fact have been beyond pathetic.

As early as mid-2009, Americans were beginning to wonder how race relations had inexplicably grown worse, even in light of our having elected our post-racial first black president. I offered in this space that the reason for this stemmed from the fact that despite Obama having been sold as a centrist, radicals of varying stripes knew he was ideologically kindred and took his election as license to operate more overtly than they had in the past. These included black militants, career activists and sundry fringe agitators. Since his election, radical elements in the press, both black and otherwise, have also taken advantage of Obama’s sympathies to up their game.

Racial tension, odious and vexing though it may be, is nonetheless merely a device being used by this administration and its surrogates to foment anger and resentment; indeed, there are many other fronts whereupon similar tactics are being implemented. A number of interwoven plans are coming to fruition at present, and the reason we are seeing displays such as Rev. Leon’s is because they are Obama-sanctioned, or are perceived to be.

In other words, if it isn’t coming from White House operatives, it at least has the implicit approval of the president.

When the catalyst for widespread civil unrest – probably an economic one – materializes, it will be essential for maximum effect that anyone with an ax to grind is prepared to go for the throat of their perceived enemy. This will aid in facilitating the “unavoidable” action of government in exercising authority, influence and resources that once brandished, will never go back into the proverbial box.

Despite the radical element in America being a distinct minority, it behooves us to remember that a minority representing 10 percent of the population in South Africa was able to suppress the 90 percent majority for nearly 100 years, due only to the actions they were prepared to take in order to retain their power. At this point, I hope that I have made it clear who the enemies of the American people are, and what actions they are prepared to take to attain the same.