My opinion of liberals was reinforced last week as I was channel surfing late one evening and happened upon Bob Beckel blustering about Dr. Ben Carson. As many of my regular readers are aware, I do not watch Fox News, but happening upon Beckel at that moment froze my finger just as it readied to click the channel button on the remote control.

Dr. Carson had accurately referenced elitist white liberals as being “the most racist people out there.” That was enough to set Beckel off. He objected to Dr. Carson’s assertion and launched into a screed accusing him of being ignorant of history. But, Dr. Carson is not ignorant of history – rather it is Beckel who is attempting to deny history.

Beckel claimed that it was liberals who had gone into the South to march with Dr. King – not least of whom was his father. He claimed that his father was a “liberal who went into the South and was arrested 57 times in the civil rights movement registering blacks.”

The telling moment was when Beckel said, “It was liberals who have been on the forefront of every major” … and then caught himself. He did not finish his statement. And well it was that he didn’t because what he was about to assert was a damnable lie, and he knew it.

He was emphatic that liberals did not just lead the fight to end Jim Crow and advance the cause of the “po-po black folk,” but Beckel intimated that Dr. Carson owed his freedom and quality of life to white liberals because they were responsible for ultimately ending segregation.

The problem with Beckel’s baneful oratory is that his version of things raises the question that if Beckel et al. were liberals leading the charge to end segregation and help the “nigra,” as Jimmy Carter was wont to call blacks, what were the other Democrats doing?

Beckel’s elitist arrogance is as demonstrative and transpicuous as his vulgarity, and his version of the facts differs from the reality of the situation, his father’s involvement notwithstanding.

White liberal Democrats were responsible for Jim Crow; White liberal Democrats were responsible for the Ku Klux Klan; White liberal Democrats fought to preserve slavery. The white Democratic Party was formed to deny civil rights to blacks and to secure slavery.

Perhaps Beckel could explain why, if liberals were responsible, as he aggressively insinuated, for ending Jim Crow, did a white Democratic president have to enlist white Republicans to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If white liberal Democrats played such an important part in the life of blacks during Jim Crow, why was Dr. King a Republican?

Beckel’s arrogance is sickening and contemptible, but not out of character for white elitist liberals. They look down their arrogant noses at Americans of color who do not stay in their place, as worthy of their strongest public denouncement – after all, they “gotta keep dem-dar colored folk on da plantation.”

White elitist liberals are everything Dr. Carson said about them and more. Let us not forget that it was Beckel himself who, as I wrote in a syndicated column, “invoked a ‘Saturday Night Live’ rendition [read: mimicked a Southern black drawl] of scripture references while debating Ann Coulter regarding the hate-filled racist cartoons of [Condoleezza] Rice.” (“Negroes vs. black conservatives,” Nov. 23, 2004) But he never invoked disdain for the degrading cartoons of Dr. Rice.

As I wrote in the afore-referenced op-ed: “From 1876 until 1960, Democrats successfully blocked all progress in civil rights. Prior to that, from 1860 to 1876, Republicans were singularly responsible for all black civil-rights accomplishments despite fierce opposition by Democrats. Much is made of the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision striking down state segregated education. What is never mentioned is that the Supreme Court ruling was a reinstating of what Republicans had done nearly 75 years earlier in their 1875 civil-rights bill, which was overturned by Democrats in 1880.”

Beckel’s comments were intended to tell a man of honor and dignity that he needed to sit down and shut his mouth based on his race. White, elitist, bigoted liberals are quick to do that. We hear it in their comments, and we see it in the way bigoted, white liberals in the media try to suffocate the voices of Americans of color when we, according to them, forget our place.

Carson is right. They are the most racist people around. And equally as egregious are the white liberals who decry even our right to think freely. As I have referenced in newspapers that carry my work around the country, I recently had a white liberal managing editor tell me that I didn’t have an opinion unless he said I did.

Beckel was wrong in another way – it wasn’t liberals who fought for equal rights for all people, it was Americans of good conscience. And there is a demonstrable difference.

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