(DAILY EMERALD) — Taylor Hacmac thought she knew all about Christian ministry groups. They were a weird, pushy, hypocritical and condemning inside group — something that she had no desire to participate in. At least, that’s what she thought before she started college at the University of Oregon and discovered a network of friendship and support at the Collegiate Christian Fellowship, a student branch of the First Baptist Church of Eugene.

“This was one of the first campus ministries I gave a chance,” Hacmac said of CCF. “It wasn’t until I started talking to the people at church that I realized there was something different about their hearts. They wanted to get to know me, who I really was, and not just to convert me.”

Four years later, after graduating from the Family and Human Services department at the UO and becoming a Christian herself, Hacmac still actively participates in the group that changed her opinion of Christianity, hoping to help debunk the Christian stereotype for others skeptical of the religion as well. As co-director of the Fellowship’s Outreach Team, Hacmac and her team members work to spread love in the community around them, performing random acts of kindness, no strings attached.

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