“Read a science book, Ray.” – Scott Maddox

I love science, Scott. I take it that you believe in evolution. Then I have a task for you. The burden of proof lies with the believer in evolution. You are the one who believes. I don’t believe. Convert me. Give me observable evidence for Darwinian evolution that doesn’t necessitate “faith” (belief). Just one piece of observable evidence (the scientific process) – proof that isn’t faith-based.

Please don’t give me links to two dozen websites, or videos to watch. I just want one piece of empirical evidence for evolution that isn’t founded on belief.

By “Darwinian evolution,” I don’t mean moths that change into different colored moths. That’s not a change of “kind.” They are still moths. I don’t mean dogs that change into dogs – they are still the canine “kind;” neither do I mean bacteria that changes into bacteria. That’s not Darwinian evolution. There has been no change of “kind.”

In the 200-plus years since Darwin proposed what he feared may have been a “fantasy,” there has been no proof of a change of kinds where faith isn’t necessary. Evolution is bogus science, standing behind the skirts of genuine science. It’s not observable, has never been proven, and it cannot be proved. The believer’s faith is terribly misplaced. Prove me wrong.

“I am not 100-percent convinced He doesn’t exist, and no, I am not 100-percent convinced that evolution is a fact. But this goes both ways. I am not omnipotent, and neither are Christians. They do not know everything either. So they can’t say with absolute certainty that God exists either. However, there is evidence for evolution, and not evidence for God. Hence, I am an atheist.” – Tyler Nelson

I suspect that Tyler has used a wrong word here. I think he means omniscience (all-knowing). No atheist can be 100-percent certain that God doesn’t exist, because the professed atheist isn’t omniscient. He doesn’t know everything. Somewhere in the knowledge he hasn’t yet come across, there could be evidence that God exists. So all atheists are in truth “agnostics.” They don’t know if God exists.

However, it doesn’t go “both ways.” To know that God exists we don’t need all knowledge. We simply need to have found the knowledge that proves He exists. That evidence is the order of nature/creation. It is scientifically impossible for nature to have made itself or to have been eternal. The existence of nature is the observable evidence for God – something that doesn’t need faith.

If we want to approach Him to be forgiven, then we need to have faith (trust), but we don’t need faith to know He exists. All that is needed for that is a little common sense.

Evolution has no observable evidence, and so it necessitates faith. Hence, I am a Christian.

“Your priorities are so messed up, Ray. I think without religion, world peace could be possible; wouldn’t that be something.” – Andrew Molina

They tried world peace without religion through atheistic communism. It resulted in the slaughter of an estimated 110,000,000 people. The North Korean regime is atheistic, and they are a continual threat to world peace.

The problem isn’t atheism or religion. They are just the rotten fruit. The root of the problem is sinful human nature that uses religion and politics to carry out wicked agendas. It is the selfish stubborn and proud human heart that is the problem. We are so rebellious we can hardly agree with each other about anything. I’m sure you would disagree.

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