CNN's Anthony Bourdain

A primetime CNN host is giving new meaning to fowl language after jokingly calling himself “The Enormous C–k” on the air.

On Sunday’s edition of “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown,” the host was in a gaming facility in Bogota, Colombia.

One of his opponents was introduced to him as “El Pollo Viejo” which means “The Old Chicken.”

The host then addressed the camera with a pensive look and said, “I need a poultry name. He’s calling himself ‘The Old Chicken.’ I shall be ‘The Enormous C–k.'”

This is not the first time Bourdain has ruffled viewers’ feathers with colorful language on his show.

On April 14, Bourdain’s program was packed with audible A-words, audible S-words, censored F-bombs, and an instance of using the Lord’s name in vain.

“This was a taped presentation,” said TV analyst Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters. “None of this was live. As such, CNN producers were 100 percent aware of the content. This wasn’t a surprise that censors didn’t have time to edit.”

(WARNING: Audible obscenities ubiquitous in the video below:)

“In the course of what was likely 43 minutes of airtime not including commercials, there were four audible A-words, two audible S-words, three censored F-bombs, and a G-d damn all in a program about food and culture,” Sheppard continued.

“The truly sad part is the show was actually fascinating, especially for people who love food. But all the vulgarity seemed tremendously gratuitous and out of place making it feel like I was watching MTV, HBO, or Showtime rather than a once-respected news network.”

CNN’s website promoting the show notes the program “takes you to exotic global destinations through Bourdain’s unique lens.”

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