By Jeffrey M. Epstein

Connecticut’s April fools were out in full force at the State Capitol last Wednesday. While the legislators were preparing to vote, hundreds of Second Amendment advocates arrived to voice their opposition to the anti-gun measures being advanced by Gov. Malloy’s “bipartisan” task force – laws allegedly designed to curb gun violence and protect children.

Roundtrip buses were running every 15 minutes from Cabela’s retail store in East Hartford to alleviate parking hardships around the Capitol. Those lining up for bus service represented varying walks of life. All were well-mannered, orderly and respectful. Only a few carried signage. The ride was uneventful and marked by limited, private conversations. A young man of slight build was seated directly across the aisle from me. He was casually dressed and sported a light knit cap. I seized the opportunity to query him as to his motivation for attending the day’s activities. In keeping with the majority of Connecticut residents, his knowledge of the pending bill’s provisions was limited. However, he was most concerned that they posed significant threats to his constitutional rights. I was surprised to learn of his recent discharge from the Marine Corps – he just looked too young. I found him to be articulate and engaging.

Those arriving at the Legislative Office Building were channeled down a connecting corridor to the Capitol. Later, they would be directed to the third floor where the State Senate would convene. Connecticut’s representatives and senators were noticeable absent, intentionally avoiding those who elected them to office. The legislative session would also be closed to the public, leaving Second Amendment advocates lining the hallways between senatorial offices and the Senate Chamber. A secure pathway was established and maintained by law enforcement officers to accommodate the elitist prima donnas.

While awaiting their arrival, the young veteran I met earlier unexpectedly ascended a center stairway, turned toward the crowd and assumed a leadership role. He began by identifying the route the senators would follow and then proceeded to define the true meaning of the Second Amendment and explain why all infringements upon our constitutional rights must be resisted. Like the “mouse that roared,” this 20-year-old patriot impressively captivated everyone’s attention.

Shortly thereafter, Connecticut’s senators began filing past the concerned crowd – many of whom had either removed or repositioned their badges to obscure their identities. Consequently, it was nearly impossible to separate them from the never-ending parade of staffers, lobbyists, lawyers and reporters roaming the hallways. A few approached the “gauntlet” with trepidation. Others proceeded arrogantly while paying little or no attention to the citizen advocates who pleaded with them not to cast their votes before reading the bill in its entirety.

In short order, the “Wisemen of Chelm” violated their sworn oaths of office by voting to undermine the constitutionally guaranteed, unalienable rights of their constituents. Disturbingly, they did so in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi’s approach to Obamacare – blindly voting in support of a bill that they hadn’t even read. They were clearly on a mission. The rush-to-passage of these draconian measures was motivated by nothing more than the drive to propel the so-called Constitution State’s ranking to the top of the charts. Connecticut would soon be known for being one of the most firearms-restricting states in the Union.

Law-abiding citizens be damned, Obama’s coming to town, on Monday, to generously reward his lapdog, Goovnoh Malloy, for delivering on schedule. Yet, none of the newly imposed regulations will make Connecticut’s schools or streets any safer. Nothing will be gained, only freedom lost. Connecticut will soon realize diminished tax revenue and job losses. Gun manufacturing companies including Stag Arms, Ammunition Storage Components and Colt Firearms are seriously considering relocation to more business-gun friendly states that value the constitutional rights of their residents. Any firearms manufacturer, resistant to relocation, will be coerced into doing so by out-of-state product boycotts, for Second Amendment supporters will refuse to purchase goods that benefit the “Nanny” State. Of equal consequence, the departure of these major firms will lay ruin to hundreds of smaller, vertically integrated companies, those founded to furnish gun manufacturers with tooling, parts and fabrication services.

From a legal standpoint, this faulty legislation is unconstitutional at best and renders Connecticut vulnerable to costly legal challenges – mounting litigation expenses that the state’s over-taxed citizens can’t afford to bear.

This sophomoric approach to safety is unenforceable and will only create a new class of felon: the otherwise law-abiding citizen who refuses to comply with registration due to fear of future gun confiscation. During Wednesday’s testimony, Democratic leadership openly admitted that the bill’s passage marks the very beginning, the first step, of their planned assault on our nation’s long-standing and cherished Second Amendment. The majority of Connecticut’s gun owners, including active and retired law enforcement officers, aren’t stupid and have made it perfectly clear that they won’t comply with further restrictions. At least 20 percent of those interviewed at the Capitol are now considering out-of-state relocation, most of whom are gainfully employed, taxpaying professionals – Obama’s targeted “1-percenters.” These folks won’t be replaced anytime soon, for provisions weren’t incorporated in the legislation to accommodate out-of-state gun owners seeking jobs in Connecticut – forcing the unlikely liquidation of legally owned property to be a prerequisite for employment.

Numerous State Troopers were queried as to whether they would follow orders to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens. The typical answer was “hell no!” One Trooper, in response to that question, simply confirmed that his oath was sworn to uphold the Constitution against all threats, both foreign and domestic. Another officer responded that he would remain in the rear, digging holes.

Yup, Connecticut’s leftist fools were out in force Wednesday and are now eagerly awaiting their Messiah’s return. In place of a comprehensive plan to protect our children, Connecticut residents received nothing but lip service and a sweeping new set of gun control regulations that clearly abridge their constitutional rights. Tragically, nothing passed that will make schools any safer. Adding insult to injury, innocent families will also find themselves in greater danger when deranged sociopaths come calling with intent to orchestrate “Petit-style” home invasions. When seconds count and law enforcement response is 20 minutes away, a reduced number of armed neighbors, if any, will be at the ready to provide lifesaving assistance. Now, potential victims of violent crime in Connecticut will be left dependent upon those scant few who passed Malloy’s mental aptitude screening – the psychological equivalent of a TSA rectal exam.

Jeffrey M. Epstein serves as president and founder of America’s Truth Forum. He accumulated over 35 years’ experience in mortgage banking, marketing and business management. His non-profit organization took the lead in producing three critically acclaimed symposiums on the threat of Islamist terrorism in Washington, Las Vegas and Dallas. Epstein has been featured on “Fox & Friends,” CBN, Fox News and other local and national television and radio talk shows. Additionally, he has authored numerous politically charged articles for publication.

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