Are you tired of the grinning, wild-eyed ghouls yet? News that a 20-year-old man named Dylan Quick stabbed 14 people Tuesday on a college campus in Cypress, Texas, was shocking enough. Worse were the pictures of Quick, a wild-haired, smiling jackass who seemed delighted with the unprovoked horror he had wrought. He is practically a twin to the bug-eyed James Holmes, who shot up a movie theater in Colorado last year. Holmes and his histrionics in court added insult to the multiple deaths and injuries the madman caused. Quick, in his demeanor, appears poised to offer the same appalling antics.

Fantastically, the report of the mass stabbing has actually elicited some calls for more gun control in Texas. The libs have their sights on Texas and have been making rumblings for some time now about moving there in droves in order to bend free Texans to their totalitarian wills. A state that openly advertises itself as a free haven from “progressive” tyranny cannot be allowed to exist, in the minds of liberals. They brook no dissent and abide no deviation from their schemes. Thus, they cannot simply sit back and let Texas be Texas. Instead, they must actively work to make Texas like New York and California – states that rank dead last in personal freedoms in the United States. Oh, and did we mention New York also has the highest taxes in the country?

But these are all distractions from the main issue. Stupid as it is for liberals to demand more gun control in response to a mass stabbing, this is entirely consistent with their “justice” ethic, which reads as follows: When a crime is committed, immediately punish everyone who did not do it. Liberals, therefore, gleefully introduce laws that affect law-abiding gun owners’ constitutional rights, but which the libs freely admit would not stop the very crimes the left exploits to gin up support for their attacks on the Bill of Rights.

Never forget that to a liberal, the Constitution is an impediment – an obstacle to the progressive gulag liberals wish to construct. Obama has said as much on multiple occasions, whining that our Constitution prevents him from ruling autocratically.

The real issue in the Texas stabbings, however, is that of knives. Obama has been busily tap-dancing on the corpses of the Sandy Hook victims since that shooting took place, using children as props in his war on the Bill of Rights. (Liberals adore dead bodies. They are ghouls who race to the nearest television camera or microphone whenever someone is killed.) Barely reported in American news outlets and all but ignored by Chinese state media, however, was that on the same day as the Sandy Hook shootings, more than 20 children in China were stabbed in a very similar mass attack. The only real difference was the weapon used … and therein lies the problem.

Knives are simple to construct. Ban all knives and any person who wishes to produce a stabbing implement will still be able to do so, from a variety of available materials. While it takes tools, talent and time to produce a high-quality cutting instrument, it takes almost nothing to produce a stabbing tool. Slashing someone will kill them eventually, particularly if you cut a major artery. Blood loss alone will end someone’s life if that loss is not stopped. But if you truly wish to kill a human being, and you wish to do it quickly, stabbing them is the way to do it.

The technology of stabbing is almost laughable. You can stab someone to death with nearly anything long enough and sufficiently tapered, with enough rigidity, to reach an organ. A sharpened piece of wood (like a fictional vampire stake) will do it. A sharpened rod of plastic will do it. A pen can do it. A shard of glass or Plexiglas will do it. Even a toothbrush whose end has been melted and honed can do it. These examples are not arbitrary. They are all weapons manufactured in American prisons.

If prison inmates in strictly controlled environments cannot be prevented from manufacturing stabbing implements, “free” Americans cannot be. Passing laws prohibiting knives will have no effect whatsoever on crime because the knives prohibited are not required to do the deed. Any flat-head screwdriver can be used to stab a man to death. Will we ban screwdrivers? In recent years we have seen a rise in attacks with claw hammers. Will we require hammer registration and background checks for nails?

Yet demands for “knife control” are upon us – and we are seeing attempts by the left to vilify knife manufacturers as a demonic, all-powerful corporate concern with “paid lobbyists” seeking to influence, unduly, the outcome of knife laws. This is exactly the method used to demonize the National Rifle Association and to marginalize the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights. The most prominent example is found on the website of the Association of Flight Attendants.

When the TSA proposed changing its screening laws to permit small, non-locking pocketknives in carry-on luggage, this left-leaning union and lobbying organization – representing nearly 60,000 flight attendants at 20 airlines – had a fit. “The knife lobby,” sneers the AFA’s Web copy, “representing a group of knife manufacturers, gloated that their efforts to lobby the TSA for years finally ‘paid off’ and they were ‘instrumental’ in getting the TSA to change the policy. … Now they are on Capitol Hill fighting us. … We have to make sure knives are not allowed back on our planes. At great cost, we know the danger of lifting the ban on knives.”

Get ready for more of this tripe. No doubt slavering would-be dictators like Obama and Biden are saddened by the fact that Dylan Quick used a utility razor and not an “assault knife” such as a “tactical folder.” The Democrats won’t let that stop them, however. Emboldened by their successful infringements on your firearms rights, they will seek to further disarm you by banning knives. There is no “if” and there is no “when.”

It’s already happening.

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