PARAPARAUMU, New Zealand – In the West, if not necessarily elsewhere, there was once a universally accepted standard of morality. For one thing, one did not – as the gibbering savages of the international hard left have shamefully done in the past week – speak ill of the recently dead.

Yet the death of Margaret Thatcher has exposed a new, malevolent streak of unadulterated nastiness on the extreme left.

In Trafalgar Square, London, hundreds turned out to chant slogans and sing “Ding, dong, the witch is dead!” a song from the movie “The Wizard of Oz” that seems to have sold more copies in seven days than in the 74 years since it was written.

Nowadays, thanks to the economic reforms Margaret Thatcher brought in, even the brainless, unemployable communists (who now prefer to be called “radicals” or “Greens”) can afford to throw a party.

They drank champagne, no less, to celebrate the demise of the stateswoman who had done more than anyone to defeat their miserable cause – and had also made them wealthy enough to pour champagne into the gutters from which they crawled.

They chanted “Iron Lady, rust in peace!” That is what passes for humor among these Neanderthal think-alikes.

They wrote vicious blog postings hoping Lady Thatcher would rot in hell. The Marxist media – The Guardian and the BBC prominent among them – eagerly gave them as much exposure as they could.

The communist wing in politics and the media can no longer fairly claim to be part of civilization at all. Their mean-spirited, vitriolic, personal attacks on those with whom they disagree are turning the Earth into the Planet of the Apes.

Dare to challenge one of their pet projects – “global warming,” for instance, which Margaret Thatcher eventually dismissed as the over-hyped nonsense it is – and the hate speech begins.

Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT knows more about the atmosphere than anyone alive. However, he does not sing from the left’s current hymn-sheet about “global warming.” So they have run a vicious campaign against him, saying he denies the link between smoking and lung cancer. He does not, of course, but the left no longer maintain any point of contact with the truth.

Professor Niklas Mörner, the world’s foremost expert on sea level, dares to state the obvious: that it is not rising. The left smear him by saying he believes he can find water by dowsing with a hazel twig.

Why this should render him unfit to be a scientist is unclear (my late beloved father once dowsed to find Roman artifacts – successfully – for the Maltese government). Yet the brutish Bandar-log chatter away, doing their damnedest to destroy professor Mörner’s reputation.

Professor Fred Singer, the rocket scientist who founded the U.S. Satellite Weather Service, is well into his 80s, yet he has a speaking schedule even busier than mine. Because he, too, is what they nastily call a “denier,” they have invented a fiction that he believes in Martians. He doesn’t, but that does not stop them.

They really, really don’t like me. I, too, have given the occasional indication that there may be some doubt about CO2-driven planetary doom. So they have constructed a mountain of lies, which they recycle and regurgitate ad nauseam.

They cite one of their political allies, the arrogant and contemptibly ignorant clerk of the Parliaments, to the effect that I am not a member of the House of Lords. But my passport says I am the Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, and a written opinion from a barrister learned in peerage law says that though I have no seat or vote, I remain a member of the House and am fully entitled to say so.

They say I got into Cambridge on a choirboy scholarship. No: I cannot sing.

They say I have no scientific training, yet mathematics formed part of my Cambridge course in classical architecture. I have lectured on climate sensitivity and mitigation economics at faculty level. I was last year’s Nerenberg lecturer in mathematics at the University of Western Ontario.

They say … well, you get the idea. Anyone who becomes a serious threat to their tawdry plans for world domination has his reputation destroyed.

Saul Alinsky, a “community organizer” (i.e. communist agitator), wrote “Rules for Radicals” (i.e. “A Code for Communists”), telling them how to bring down the West.

One of the key rules was never to meet the left’s opponents in argument, but to trash their reputations instead. That way, anyone who might otherwise dare to challenge the left will keep his head down.

I recently asked an influential Republican congressman why neither he nor his party would do anything at all about Barry Soetero’s obviously bogus “birth certificate” on the White House website.

He replied: “Look what the left have done to your reputation because you spoke the truth about the non-problem of global warming. We know the president and his ‘birth certificate’ are fake. But – to put it bluntly – my reputation matters to me. And that goes for all of us.”

“So Soebarkah is safe in the White House?”

“Yes, but just wait until he leaves office. The left will not be able to defend him then.”

We shall see. I told the congressman I did not propose to hold my breath. Rampant funk on the part of those who ought to know better has heartened the champagne-swilling apes of Trafalgar Square to do their gibbering best to blacken the name of Thatcher even in death.

For now, let them have their hate-filled party. Their savagery is a fine advertisement for the necessity of sweeping their brutish, failed totalitarianism off the face of the Earth. They cannot trash Margaret Thatcher’s reputation, but they have certainly trashed their own and that of their collapsing cause.

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