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Don't take North Korea lightly

Is all this talk of war by North Korea just the kind of posturing we’ve heard off and on from three generations of “supreme leaders”?


But with the rhetoric of the kind emanating from Pyongyang in the last week, only one thing is certain – if war comes, it will be the worst camouflaged sneak attack in history.

Here are some things to consider regarding Kim Jong-un’s threats to annihilate both South Korea and the U.S.:

Meanwhile, though Washington says it is taking all this seriously, there are only 30,000 U.S. military personnel in South Korea who are expected to hold off an attack there. While they are armed with anti-missile defense, U.S. soldiers would be nearly helpless against a massive artillery barrage followed by a full-scale armored invasion.

And what if North Korea actually attempts a “Red Dawn” attack on the U.S. – or, more likely, a series of massive terrorist attacks? What if it uses one or more of its nuclear weapons to blind the U.S. in a devastating electro-magnetic pulse assault?

One really has to wonder whether the Obama administration is up to a challenge of this kind with its focus on anti-defense policies. Maybe Washington thinks the Department of Homeland Security, with its billions of rounds of ammunition, can handle it.

North Korea may be one of several strategic threats the U.S. faces that cannot be deterred through the doctrine of “mutually assured destruction.”

This is why Ronald Reagan was determined to build the Strategic Defense Initiative, which has foundered ever since he left office.

While the Obama administration has demonstrated its willingness to kill American citizens with drone strikes, one wonders why Washington is helpless to do anything about a certifiable loon in charge of a nuclear gulag state.

What am I suggesting?

At least the recognition that there genuinely is an axis of evil in the world posing an existential threat to America.

Beyond that, you would think someone in Washington would awaken to the need for genuine civil-defense measures like America once had during the Cold War, a period of relative stability compared to what we face today. That would include the reintroduction of a civilian shelter system on par with what the Chinese government has prepared for its own population, not just Washington politicians. That would include halting all blustering about the confiscation of private firearms in the U.S. That would include hardening of critical infrastructure against an EMP-style attack or, just as likely, a catastrophic solar flare outbreak that could occur at any time.

And, for heaven’s sake, stop all further procurements of arms and ammunition by domestic government agencies that are causing critical shortages not just for American civilians, but for police departments and, believe it or not, even the U.S. military.

Do I expect the Obama administration to listen to a single word of this advice?

Of course not.

But someone’s got to say it anyway.

North Korea’s threat is just one of many that should not be taken lightly.

Though, sometimes I wonder if Washington represents a greater existential threat to the American way of life than does any foreign enemy.

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