(WARNING: The content and images in this story may be offensive to some readers.)

“Hunky Jesus: The Second Coming,” an annual contest one website calls “everyone’s favorite blasphemous hoot,” is now set for Friday in San Francisco, after having been rained out Easter Sunday.

The event is produced by the Catholic satire and fundraising group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, which bills itself as “a leading-edge order of queer nuns.”

The costume party “showcases a bevy of beauties parodying Jesus Christ in varying forms of dress and sensuality,” according to SFist.

A competitor from a previous Hunky Jesus event in San Francicsco

“The Sisters aren’t going to let a little downpour stop us!” the Sisters proclaim on their website.

“Wanna try and win that crown of thorns? Show up the night of the event between 9 to 9:30 to register, but please keep your Holy Grail tucked inside that loin cloth. No nudity or simulated sex acts allowed since this event is being held in a bar.”

A competitor from a previous Hunky Jesus event in San Francisco

Previous Hunky Jesus contests have raised the ire of right-leaning political pundits such as Andrew Sullivan, who labeled the Sisters as “smug, liberal bigots.”

“I am a First Amendment absolutist, as readers know. And I’m also a solid defender of the right to blasphemy,” Sullivan wrote about a previous Hunky Jesus event.

“But there are smart ways of doing this, ways that illuminate broader issues – think of ‘The Book Of Mormon’ or any ‘South Park’ episode. And then there are smug, cheap and unfunny shots at the faith of other people. Really, this makes me feel like [Catholic League president] Bill Donohue. You want to grow some b-lls? Hold a Hunky Mohammed Contest on Ramadan. And, by the way, thanks for doing your bit to empower every religious right prejudice about gays.”

He continued: “Let’s see what their attitude would be if a religious right group did a public performance art mocking gay marriages in the Castro [district] – with graphic sex acts meant to ridicule gays. I’m sure they’d try to prosecute them for hate speech. Let’s say it took place on gay pride. Somehow I think offense would be taken and the demonstrators labeled immediately as bigots.”

The SFist website responded to Sullivan by noting, “When we don’t poke fun at sacred deities, we make some damn fine food.”

The Huffington Post noted the event dates back to 2000, when artist Jon Brumit rode a tricycle down San Francisco’s famously curvy Lombard Street.

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