People compare the Boston Marathon attack to the World Trade Center destruction.

Both terrorism, but with a major difference: Boston had blood!

Sorry to be so blunt, but the very real blood and gore, victims writhing in pain after their limbs were ripped apart, was the best lesson to Americans that terrorism is here and no one is truly safe, regardless of sex, age or location.

Terrorists are cowards, using hidden means of destruction on innocent victims for the sole purpose of instilling fear of an unknown enemy.

I heard about the Boston Marathon explosions when bulletins interrupted regular radio programming.

I immediately turned on TV – just as I’d done on 9/11 when the World Trade Center was attacked.

The reality of those attacks took a while to sink into my consciousness because of the scope of the destruction. It was horrific, made worse by the sight of people jumping from the buildings – but that was the only human mayhem visible to viewers, until media censorship took over.

Ambulances were called but most were unneeded because there literally were no bodies, no visible blood – and few survivors.

The 3,000-plus deaths were mostly unseen, known only by the friends and families who knew their loved ones would never return.

They were gone – to survive only in memory.

Boston was different.

Thousands were in the midst of the chaos as they realized what happened: two huge street explosions.

There were screams of pain and horror, people mortally injured, body parts torn from living human beings and bone and blood. Lots of it. Everywhere.

It was terrorist reality right before our eyes and we could see, perhaps for the first time, the human damage it causes. Because of that, it’s had a totally different impact on Americans.

The one image I’ll never forget is the man in the wheelchair – being pushed by people getting him to medical attention. He was covered in blood and his legs – what was left of them – were sticking out in front. All that was left was raw, shattered, white shinbone. His feet, muscle and skin were gone.

I stared at the image, and all I could think of was that this is what Israelis face and experience every day of their lives.

Whether they’re in their homes, at work, in school, commuting, enjoying recreation or worshiping, they’re moments away from this kind of terrorism exploding among them, wreaking bloody havoc.

Americans read about it or see it on the news, and it washes over them without the reality of the day-to-day peril Israelis face.

We hear the same news about our military facing such threats in Afghanistan and other locations. They suffer the same horrific injuries, losing arms and legs and sight and brains and lives – maimed and killed by terrorists in their midst – many posing as their friends.

The news washes over us because media don’t show the bloody reality.

It’s cleansed so our sensibilities aren’t shocked.

I call it PC censorship.

If Americans could really see what terrorists do, they’d be angry – really angry – and demand politicians do something about it.

Boston showed us that terrorists blast innocents just because.

Because they want to.

Because they despise our lifestyle, religion and freedom.

They believe they’re on a religious mission with permission from their god to maim, kill and destroy.

Sept. 11 was a wake-up call for Americans, but generally the only remnant of that is the irritation and invasion of privacy at airports.

Most of us aren’t really worried about airline terrorism. We think we’re safe.

The man who is president misleads us, refusing to acknowledge we’re at war with militant Islamic terrorists and the only people defending us are the military.

And now, the police, just like in Boston.

Political correctness prevents us from taking a stand to put an end to it because this PC involves Islam – and we all know, from the White House on down, not a negative word can be spoken against Islam.

Israelis have no such restraints. They know their enemy, and they name it. Americans are forced to pretend our militant Islamist enemy doesn’t exist.

But it does, as the man in the wheelchair illustrated.

It was a stunning photograph, which later was cropped so viewers didn’t see the severity of his injuries.

PC censorship.

Why shouldn’t Americans see such wanton human damage?

Terrorists intend those injuries. Why else are their bombs laced with nails and screws, if not to cause maximum damage to innocent victims?

In Boston, there were lots of cameras, official and amateur and lots of misinformation because of the chaos.

Having been a TV reporter, I know the pressures. While it’s easy to accuse media of fabricating stories, the reality is they’re just as at sea as anyone else in such confusion. Something awful occurred – people are dead and injured – and everyone wonders whether more bombs will explode – and where.

It’s left to the pundits in the studios to speculate – and given the PC attitudes permeating news, it was clear that Islamic terrorism was the last thing those people wanted. The theme was they hoped the perpetrators would be white.

It’s amazing, that the same people who demand color blindness of everyone else, practice the most specious form of racism when it involves terrorism.

They cannot admit that almost without exception, terrorists are militant Islamists. Until we face that, the result will be far messier than Boylston Street in Boston.

Now we’re told one perpetrator is dead, the other seriously injured. Both are Muslims.

Now what do we do?

How about face up to it, like the Israelis do, and get on with the business of winning this war?

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