Since mid 2003, I’ve been sounding the warning about the hierarchy of the party to which I belong. And I want to warn you yet again. We know that liberal Democrats are Marxists in Brooks Brothers suits and dresses from Nordstrom. And we know that the Democratic rank and file are nothing more than neutered/spayed obedient schnooks.

But at one time we expected more from the Republican Party than what it has become today.

Ronald Reagan brought dignity and honor back to the Party of Lincoln. Ronald Reagan had a vision for America that began with We the People, but in the years following President Reagan, many have used his name and memory as a means to get elected (or re-elected) when in reality their goals and objectives are no less self-serving than the most idealistic and heinous Democrat.

President Reagan’s name and memory are today invoked by Republicans whose ideals are antithetical to the very ideals he stood for. They are not unlike race-mongers invoking the name of Dr. Martin Luther King while advocating the very things he fought to end.

I’m not going to win any popularity awards from the leadership of my party, but my goal isn’t to be popular with them – it’s to tell you the unvarnished truth.

And that truth as we speak is that it is not Obama we have to be concerned about. It is the traitorous and feckless Republicans who are led by Karl Rove, Reince Preibus, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, et al.

Obama has been able to do what he has because Boehner and company have not lifted a finger to realistically oppose him and his agenda. The result of their inaction has allowed Obama to ascend to mythical heights of accomplishment that are as real as unicorns.

Specific to that point, the end result has been that the public (specifically the conservative and Republican factions) has given Obama credit for spearheading the transmogrification of America into a social state that is more owing to Republican appeasement and support than Obama’s brilliance.

Boehner’s leadership has led to fiscal agreements the likes of which a 10-year-old with a lemonade stand wouldn’t make. Thanks to Boehner’s behind-the-scenes machinations, Obama’s illegal international gunrunning operation has withered like a blade of grass in the desert and along with it any realistic investigation into the murders of Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata – although there have been reports of a patsy from Mexico being arrested for Terry’s murder.

Obama permitted the murders of the heroic Marines and our ambassador to Libya in Benghazi. Republicans have done nothing more than give lip service in demanding Obama be held accountable. Boehner has referenced Obama as (and I paraphrase) someone he likes and respects. I ask you: How in the name of the fires of hell can an opposing-party leader profess respect and admiration for the very man who is driven to “fundamentally change” America, unless he agrees with the direction Obama is taking the country, in which case Boehner should just switch parties?

Karl Rove has savaged and undermined not just tea-party groups in general but tea-party candidates specifically. Reince Priebus excoriated Michael Steele when the party elements conspired to defeat Michael as chairman of the RNC because, amongst other reasons, he supported tea-party candidates.

Republican Party apparatchiks like Rove were responsible for attacks on Sarah Palin and Herman Cain, and, as I wrote in my Daily Rant last week, those same apparatchiks are now coming after Dr. Ben Carson. (“Are Republican Apparatchiks Coming After Dr. Ben Carson”; April 12, 2013;

As I wrote in 2003, Republicans are politicians, and politicians are interested principally in two things: our money and our votes. I said then and so I am saying now, we must withhold both from them.

Their agenda is not our agenda, and the current talk of how important it is that we expand the tent, etc. is tantamount to saying we must become more like Democrats.

We cannot trust the media. Not when certain newspaper managing editors tell national opinion-editorial writers that opinions are only opinions if same agree with their radical views. We cannot trust media that allow and encourage race-mongering and ignore the trial of the operator of a heinous abortion clinic.

We have a chance to swing the pendulum back in the direction that factually favors We the People in 2014. We can stop Obamacare and render him of little effect the rest of his term. But we cannot do it unless we change the way we view the party operators and take matters into our own hands.

We must keep in mind that the Republican hierarchy not only has a plan but also a candidate whom they want to have win in 2016. And I can tell you if We the People do not stop drinking the Kool-Aid and start standing on conservative principles, we will see a Democrat-little in the White House in 2016. Only this one will have a pachyderm for a mascot.

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