I am surprised at Focus on the Family, deeply disappointed [“Is homosexuality a ‘super sin’?”].

A thought I don’t hear much about – what will happen if marriage is redefined to include gay couples? One things I believe we will see is a gay couple going to a church and asking for ceremonies to be performed. The pastor, if he believes God’s word, will say no. Then I believe we can expect to see the pastor sued and the church sued for discrimination. How many churches can afford a lawsuit? How many pastors can afford to defend themselves in a suit? The gay community has a large financial war chest for cases such as these.

The reason this movement has gained so much ground is that Christians have remained silent – shame on us. We can stand on God ground with respect and without hate, and we ought to.

I surely hope that Focus’ Jim Daly will reconsider his position.

Charlie Vaughn

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