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Homeschooling's most harmful myth debunked

(TAKEPART) — Any person who has ever purchased clothing knows this: One size does not fit all. What fits well on me will look ludicrous on my 6’1″ neighbor, won’t fit my curvaceous friends, and certainly won’t do much for Daniel, my partner. There is no standard human, and to pretend otherwise makes life pretty uncomfortable for everyone involved.

I think about the one-size-fits-all model a lot when I remember what brought our family to homeschool our then eight-year-old daughter, four years ago.

When we started this experiment, I thought I knew what a typical homeschooling family looked like. Homeschoolers were either fundamentalist Christians who wanted to isolate their children from the corrupting influence of modern society or off-the-grid hippies with a reflexive fear of authority and an inclination to make their own yogurt and shoes.

Sure, both groups are well represented out there in homeschool land, but so are a growing population of families who simply don’t fit into a one-size-fits-all academic world.