Mr. Farah,

Thank you for standing in the gap and calling us to a day of prayer for our nation. May your prophetic voice be heard (and responded to) throughout our country!

Realizing May 2 is also going to be national day of prayer, I’m wondering if the following would be appropriate.

Perhaps we should dedicate May 2 through Sept. 10 as a time of humbling ourselves to prepare for Sept. 11. It would be a time of acknowledging and confessing to God our sins and the sins of our country – just as the prophet Daniel did. Before he petitioned God to act, Daniel spent time humbling himself, identifying with and confessing the sin and disobedience of his people (Daniel 9:3-16). AFTER doing this, he then asked God to hear his prayer and supplications and to act with compassion and forgiveness (Daniel 9:17-19).

God heard and responded to this attitude of heart. Daniel first humbled himself before he asked God to intervene. I think this is what God is ultimately after. Humility. He resists the proud but gives very real grace to the humble.

Our Father said that He would hear our prayer and bring healing. But humility comes first. May we dedicate this time to humbling ourselves so that national healing will come.

Thanks for all that you do on behalf of our country, Mr. Farah. I deeply appreciate it. I know others do, too.


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