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Illegal alien invaders

[To Joseph Farah:] In response to “So what do we call ‘illegal aliens’?” – for sure they are not, “undocumented immigrants,” nor are they “illegal immigrants”! Immigrants are citizens of another country who legally enter this country with the intent of becoming citizens, learning English, finding a legal job, paying taxes and supporting our society! They are not just “illegal aliens” who are in this country and are not extorting our social services, schooling and taxes via claiming multiple child exemptions for children not even in this country, or legitimate dependents of the alien filing taxes. So what is the proper term for these unauthorized occupiers of our country?

“ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS.” They do not wish to obey our laws; they don’t want to stay in this country after they can get money sent to their “home country”; they do not wish to assimilate and become part of the “melting pot.”

In short, they are invaders, leeches, parasites, and we are fools to allow them to further destroy our country.

John Wirts