How many millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent to pay for a U.S. Border Patrol, as well as other deterrents to illegal aliens crossing our border with Mexico?

And, at the very same time, by what-on-Earth sense of reality could “millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States earn a chance at citizenship under a sweeping Senate proposal,” as reported on the top of Page 1 of the April 16 edition of the Washington Post?

This Post story also reports:

“In addition, billions of dollars would be invested in new border-control measures, including surveillance drones, security fencing and 3,500 additional federal agents charged with apprehending people attempting to enter illegally from Mexico.”

Think about that.

At the very same time, we are both rewarding millions of these criminal invaders and spending billions of dollars to stop more of such illegal border-jumpers.

This incredible contradiction in national policy comes just days after thousands of immigrant-rights activists rallied on the lawn in front of the Capitol.

These proponents for invading lawbreakers contended that since Hispanic voters delivered for President Obama’s re-election, they want fulfillment of his promise to legalize many of the estimated 11 million illegals who are now in the U.S.

President Obama promised action during his re-election campaign. He took the step of declaring that he would no longer deport most illegal immigrants 30 years old or younger, and instead would grant them tentative legal status and work permits.

This begs the question as to how monumentally unfair this is to those immigrants who have obeyed the law and waited their turn to come into the United States.

It also raises the serious question as to how the president can in good conscience – and in observance of his duty to enforce our laws – allow such invaders of our nation tentative legal status and work permits.

Washington Times photographer Andrew Gerasci obtained a memorable photograph showing four of the protesters at the illegal immigrants’ rally. They are looking askance at a large billboard sign displayed by 74-year-old Joyce Tamow of Florida. This sign proclaims:

“12 Million Out of Work – Stop the Immigration Insanity.”

The Times quoted NumbersUSA President Roy Beck as saying:

“There ought to be a rally for the 20 million Americans who can’t find a full-time job.”

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