When I posted on Facebook, “Getting to know our glorious Creator is like watching an early morning sunrise,” an atheist responded with, “Except the sunrise is real, and if you think you’re getting to know an invisible, non-existent sky man … you have some other issues you should have addressed by a mental health professional.”

It’s easy to see why some ignorant people’s groups worshiped the sun, because it has many of the attributes of the God that made it. It gives us light and life. It is so glorious, we can’t look upon it unless it’s low on the horizon. Without the sun there would be no life on earth. It gives us warmth, and yet its penetrating rays can kill us if we are without water.

The dark clouds of sin hide the reality of a spiritual world. Beyond human view is the God whom no human being has looked upon – the One who gave us light and life, who condescended to the horizon of human flesh so that we could see His person. We will either bask in the warmth of His love and drink in the water of His Word, or we will perish under the heat of His penetrating wrath. Our eternal destiny depends on what we do with the Savior.

I have some other thoughts for my atheist friend (if I may call him my friend). How would you describe the sun to a culture that was permanently in clouds and had never seen it for a second? Would you tell them that beyond the clouds is a world unseen where there are vast blue heavens, and each day a massive burning ball comes up from the ocean and floats across the sky with no strings attached? Would you tell them that it is so hot that it would evaporate their whole village into vapor in a second if they fell onto its surface, and it is so big that this massive earth could fit into its volume a million times? They would understandably think you are crazy – that you had issues you should have addressed by a mental health professional. Welcome to our world.

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