The problem our children are facing today is the additives and GMOs, genetic modified organisms, in our food. Why do you think Michele Obama has an organic garden at the White House?

The ADHD, bipolar, stress and suicides, among all the other problems our children are having,could be traced to the modification of our food. Why do you think Monsanto was granted a no-fault clearance so they could not be sued if the additives they produce and are put in our food are found to cause a disease or cancer?

It’s not only our children that are at risk but the whole population. Do you think the countries of Europe and Asia know something about GMOs that our government is not reveling to us, since they have banned and are not producing any GMO foods? To me it sounds like we can’t trust our government to watch out for our interests. They only care for the interests of Big Industry, which has been their agenda for decades from what I gather from reading past reports and history.

Harvey N. Bailey

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