We are currently fighting the war Islam has declared on the West by killing or detaining one or a few terrorists at a time. This is like trying to kill a tree by plucking a few leaves. It doesn’t work. Just like killing a tree by killing the roots, we must fight the war Islam has declared by fighting the roots of Islam. We must immediately cease tolerance of Islamic propaganda (as a religion of peace) and combat those ideas with the ideas of the foundation of Western civilization. We must teach the foundation of Western civilization in our schools, camps, media and organizations.

Defense is very expensive and cannot be all-inclusive. Offense is much less expensive, and we can reach virtually everyone. This plan is good for the United States and the entire world. The defense method and tolerance method has only bred contempt for our foundation and institutions, while increasing enemy combatants. It is long past time to take the offense against our enemies within and without.

Alan J. Winters

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