Re: “Amish prosecuted because scissors ‘crossed state lines'”

Kudos to Dr. Michael Savage and Mr. Joseph Farah for calling out a roguish misuse of federal power that bears dreadful implications for all Americans. After all, if federal prosecutors and a federal judge can twist a “hate crime” statute to send an Amish man to prison for 15 years for ordering the cutting of the beard or hair of five Amish persons, no one is safe from the monster on the Potomac. No one.

Fifteen other Amish, including six women, were sentenced to prison for one to seven years pursuant to their roles in the cuttings. Federal prosecutors used the ludicrous pretext of “interstate” scissors to justify unwarranted federal jurisdiction in this local squabble.

In 1971, Don McLain gave us “American Pie,” a haunting ballad about “the day the music died.” Mark Feb. 8, 2013 – the day the draconian sentences were handed down by federal judge Dan Polster – as the day America died.

To his great credit, Dr. Savage has been devoting considerable airtime on the radio condemning this outrageous miscarriage of justice in a federal court whose decision sends a message of brute federal omnipotence to every living American.

J. Oates

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