Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh remembered Margaret Thatcher, who passed away this week.

He called her, “a woman who has meant more to freedom and liberty for people all over the world – in fact, one of the top ten people of all time, in terms of the importance of liberty and freedom and securing it, gaining it for people” (FREE audio).

Rush had something to say about a famous woman he considers far less worthy of praise: Hillary Clinton.

After learning that the former secretary of state received a staggering $14 million advance to write a new book, Limbaugh mocked the tome’s working title, “What Difference Did I Make?” (FREE audio)

He suggested a subtitle: “How I Passed off My Utter Failures to John Kerry.”

Michael Savage

Dr. Savage tore the president to shreds for attending a fancy private fundraiser while the North Koreans were threatening to nuke American targets (FREE audio).

“The smell of fraud that is permeating the Obama administration almost mimics the smell of horse droppings on a Manhattan street in the 1940s,” Savage said. “The stench is beyond comprehension.

“In the middle of telling us we’re out of money, Obama goes to a fundraiser with a bunch of rich Democrats in San Francisco, talking about himself as though he’s God Almighty,” Savage continued. “In psychological terms, Obama is not much different in many ways than North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.”

Upon hearing that a group of Amish men and women had been sentenced to 15 years in prison over their roles in a bizarre internal feud, Savage was outraged.

“The government has sentenced some Amish people to 15 years in jail for cutting other Amish men’s beards. If I told you this happened in the Soviet Union, you might say,
‘Well, I can understand Stalin doing that to get rid of some political enemies,'” Savage said. “This is happening in the United States of America” (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

Joe Biden had “foot in mouth disease” again this week, after describing conservative citizens as paranoid conspiracy nuts: “the black helicopter crowd” (FREE audio).

“By the way, are his dentures loose or something, did you notice that, Mr. Producer?” Levin asked after playing an audio clip of the Vice President’s latest gaff. “He’s talking like he’s either had too much to drink or his teeth are loose. … I think if a vice president treats half or more of this nation with disrespect, which is what this jerk does, then he deserves the same treatment from me and you.”

Levin was also disgusted by unconstitutional attempts to undermine the Second Amendment and the failure of the Republican politicians to put a stop to this proposed legislation. He explained that it was all part of the administration’s attempt to undermine liberty on all fronts.

“The fact of the matter is, every day Obama’s in power we lose a little bit of our liberty or a lot of our liberty,” he told his audience. “We never gain ground with this guy, we lose ground. Now stop them in the Senate, draw the line, beat them back. It’s time for victory!” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

Everyone has heard about North Korea’s threat to detonate a nuclear bomb over America, but why is the president really challenging them? Aaron Klein has the exclusive story.

Klein also looks into the likelihood of an EMP attack that could destroy the nation’s power grid and other critical infrastructures. PLUS: Only Aaron Klein continues to investigate the Benghazi massacre, while other journalists are trying to ignore it – or cover up the facts (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is leading a filibuster on new gun-control legislation. He’s come under attack by John McCain and others for being obstructionist, but Cruz told Ingraham he will continue to oppose universal background checks and other draconian measures.

“The biggest problem is that the Justice Department has explained the only way to enforce universal background checks is for the federal government to maintain a gun registry,” he explained. “In my view, maintaining a federal gun registry raises very serious constitutional concerns. It is not consistent with the 2nd Amendment, and it has historically been the predicate for gun taxation, gun regulation and ultimately gun confiscation.”

Meanwhile, in his new role as president of the Heritage Foundation, Jim DeMint expressed his reservations about so-called “immigration reform.”

The longtime senator told Ingraham he had attended meetings with “Ted Kennedy and others, and the only thing they want is citizens and voters and union workers” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

In a conference call with bloggers this week, Glenn Beck told up-and-coming pundits and publishers that the mainstream media was a “dinosaur”: “We’re going to take them down.”

Beck encouraged bloggers to keep telling the stories the rest of the media either ignores or covers up. However, he warned them not to let their egos get in the way.

“If nobody cares who gets credit, we win,” he said. “If we start shooting each other, we lose.”

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