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Media now OK with a Bush-like Obama

Democrats and the press had eight years to work themselves into a seething madness during the tenure of George W. Bush. Gitmo, spying on American citizens, America’s supposedly broken medical system, drone attacks killing innocent civilians around the world, and the lies and deceit needed to cover it all up. And all this because of an illegitimate presidency, stolen from Democrat Al Gore and awarded by the Supreme Court to Bush.

Now it turns out that any legitimacy issues George W. Bush had with a Supreme Court-awarded first term due to Florida voting irregularities were, shall we say, niggling. Especially since the Democrats’ answer to Bush, Barack the Righteous, never had enough petition signatures to appear on the 2008 election ballot in Indiana. But he did, anyway.

So how did Obama get there? Fraud, now proven in a court of law, with Democrat election officials headed to jail. Democratic election workers and government officials simply manufactured the petition signatures needed to put both Obama and Hillary on the ballot. Does this mean Barry the Righteous will resign to preserve his honor and spare the nation the turmoil, as Richard Nixon did?

Gitmo still seems to be operating. A major hunger strike among inmates is under way. But now that a Democrat is in the White House, it’s no longer an issue, is it? Let them eat cake.

Spying on American citizens? The NSA is building the largest data center in the world in Utah, capable of recording and saving your conversations, faxes, emails and idiot web forum comments, long after you are dead and gone. Those recordings could even assist in your early demise at the hands of the government, should they not like what they hear. The Fourth Amendment prohibits such spying. But it is a toss-up whether Democrats care less about the Constitution or their oath of office, which requires that the laws be faithfully executed. All they want to execute are Republicans, Christians and constitutionalists.

Medical insurance? Our premiums went up 20 percent last year and another 20 percent this year. And this is a small-business policy, rated on a statewide pool of workers. The insurance exchanges? Well, they’re not quite ready. By a long shot.

Drone attacks? The FAA has been ordered to find room in the national airspace for 20,000 drones to be flying in America by 2020. There have already been serious drone incursions into flight paths reported by airline pilots. I guess when you’re a video-game pilot behind the big screen – instead of up in the air – that’s no big deal, for you.

Sen. Rand Paul, who drew a line in the sand on the Senate floor against drone strikes on American citizens, has now rethought the issue. He sees no problem with a drone firing on a guy robbing a liquor store. Yeah, sure; blow up the whole block. Who would have thought that liquor stores were part of the national security network?

And the lies and deceit? Well, it hasn’t stopped since the fraudulent election petitions filed to put Barack the Righteous on the Indiana ballot, has it? Everything he said during the campaign was a lie, with the possible exception of fundamentally transforming America into a bankrupt state at war with itself.

Yup. Barack Obama looks an awfully lot like George W. Bush, but without any of the appealing bits that graced Bush’s presidency. And you know what? Democrats couldn’t have done it without the media. And this weekend they will celebrate with the White House Correspondents Dinner located in … Washington, D.C. That is, after all, the only city in America Democrats care about.