“No place epitomizes the American experience and the American spirit more than New York City,” said New York City mayor and wealthy liberal fascist Michael Bloomberg. In that statement, the man known as “Nanny Bloomberg” is perfectly correct. No city in the United States better epitomizes the American experience, in which a nation envisioned as an Enlightenment paragon of personal liberty and economic promise has been reduced to a gulag of government overreach. New York City’s capricious laws, and Bloomberg’s arbitrary, dictatorial rule over his little city-state, somehow manage to eclipse even the wretched state of personal liberties in the rest of New York state.

Given that New York as a state is ruled by “Kim Jong Andy” Cuomo, a wretched progressive who rammed through, in the dead of night, the country’s most unconstitutional gun ban without discussion or public comment, it is saying something that New York City fares more poorly by comparison. New York ranks dead last among “tax friendly” states. It has the highest taxes in the country “by a large margin,” according to the New York Post. But New York is not alone at the bottom of the pile where liberty is concerned; it is joined by California, its counterpart on the West Coast.

New York and California are, to citizens in relatively free states, merely academic tragedies. To the citizen not living with the boot of a “progressive” governor or mayor on his neck, if he thinks anything at all of these states on the coasts, he is simply grateful not to dwell there. But New York and California matter because, traditionally, liberal infringements on the Constitution start at the coasts and creep into the heartland from without. Just as “creeping Shariah” threatens to impose feudal Muslim barbarity on Americans from without, creeping liberalism imposes lib tyranny from the coasts to middle America. This is purely a product of the liberal political mind, no better example of which can be found than in Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo, New York’s governor, are birds of an ideological feather. These are “men” – no liberal male can truly be considered a man, for cowardice and the impulse to control are hardly a man’s virtues – who hate the thought of you making decisions for yourself. You are too stupid to decide what you will eat or drink. You are too dangerous to be trusted with weapons of self-defense. You are too greedy to be allowed to keep the money you earn as a result of your labor. You are too helpless to be expected even to have a job when you can instead go on the government dole.

Thus, a dictator like Michael Bloomberg, smugly grinning his way through interviews in which he claims he is justified in telling New Yorkers what size soda they may drink or how much salt can be in their food, won’t even pretend to hide his desire to control every waking moment of your life. Nanny Bloomberg recently complained, in a speech in repressive Singapore, that freedom of speech and social media actually make it harder for him to govern as autocratically as he might like.

“We are basically having a referendum on every single thing that we do every day,” quotes the New York Times. “And it’s very hard for people to stand up to that and say, ‘No, no, this is what we’re going to do,’ when there’s constant criticism, and an election process that you have to look forward to and face periodically.”

Stop and consider the significance of that statement. Bloomberg has become accustomed to micromanaging the lives of his city’s denizens through governmental fiat. He delights in telling New Yorkers how to live – without a vote, without a public referendum. He actually bristles at the notion that people might criticize him when he attempts to bend them to his will.

In other words, Nanny Bloomberg resents whenever someone dares to tell him no. He wants to make you live as he believes you should. You are not a free citizen of the United States; you are a serf, a subject of New York City, and you will do as you are told, you stupid prole, without daring to question him on Twitter or Facebook.

In that he is no different from Gov. Kim Jong Andy, who famously and histrionically moaned into news cameras, “Nobody neeeeds ten booolllets to killlll a deeeeer!” He is no different from Nancy Pelosi, who wants to stifle the economy of Canada in accordance with her liberal hatred of business and energy production. He is no different from Barack Hussein Obama, who has successfully nationalized the United States’ health-care system and who has consistently lied about every facet of that plan – a plan that will cost Americans more for health care while drastically reducing their access to that care.

Rampant voter fraud, the work of complicit mainstream news propagandists, and the purchase of votes through redistributive “welfare” programs and recruitment of illegal aliens (who, once granted amnesty, will overwhelmingly vote for Democrats) have rendered it difficult, if not impossible, to vote out dictators like Nanny Bloomberg and Kim Jong Andy. The individual American who does not wish to cede control of his life and his family to the all-powerful state is left with little recourse. He cannot take up arms against his country without making everything worse. He cannot refuse because he will be imprisoned or killed.

Your only option is to do what these dictators hate most: speak out. Take your criticism to social media. Use the platform of the Internet. Speak out and drown these thugs, these bullies, these autocrats, in humiliation and scorn. Confront them with their crimes. Ridicule their families. Rewrite their identities with derisive nicknames. Shout them down at every conceivable turn.

Arrogant rulers like Bloomberg, Cuomo and Obama despise criticism above all. Give them more. Give them all you can.

Give them hell.



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