More than half the voters today are politically naive. Evidence? Obama’s re-election.

This indeed bodes well for a likely Hillary Clinton presidential run in 2016. She has quite a resume, including meetings with most world leaders. Her record of actual accomplishment, however, is paper thin, given the growing role of Islam in more parts of the world.

Even so, Republicans face a formidable task when they try to deny her the White House. They will need a candidate who has it all: capable of inspiring rhetoric, a record of high achievement in several areas, a pristine record of personal character and a fierce love of country.

In a nation our size, such people are with us. But sadly, many will not run, fearing untrue stains, which are all too often part of today’s political discourse.

Still, a gifted stalwart must be found to oppose Hillary. If not, the present Democratic policies destroying us will continue until our inspired experiment in democracy will be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Laurence L.

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